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This Angular NYC Apartment Will Give You Whiplash

It’s like living in Tetris.

Photo Credit: Sam valadi / Flickr

New York City is perhaps one of the most desirable locations to live in, and with a staggering population of nearly 8.5 million, property often runs at a high premium due to location alone – never mind the actual property’s attributes. One apartment is absolutely driving people nuts due to its harsh, angular layout, and just wait until you see the price tag. 

When TikTok user @rentnewyork posted the video of the Manhattan property, almost everyone in the comments had the same reaction: what? As in, what is this apartment meant to be? What drove someone to create such an oddly laid out place? And most importantly: what is the rent of such an unlivable space?

Replying to the latter, the user elaborated that the Washington Height’s apartment was going for $2,950 a month. 

For some context, the average rent for Washington Heights (according to is around $1,830, meaning that this headache of an apartment is in the upper price bracket. Now that’s worthy of a shocked and angry ‘what?!’ And if that wasn’t enough to make you whimper, maybe the knowledge that Washington Heights is considered one of the last affordable neighborhoods in the Manhattan Borough will do the trick. Maybe I’ll leave my moving to New York pipe-dream as just that: a pipe-dream.

So what is it about the apartment that people can’t wrap their heads around, and is making them feel riddled with nausea? 

Tell me you can’t make a good layout, without telling me…

@rentnewyork (TikTok) and @rent_ny (Instagram)

The (a)cute apartment seems to exist in a labyrnthian manner, with random, angular walls and oddly shaped rooms – with someone pointing out that moving furniture in this apartment would be virtually impossible in the comments. Scratch that, getting the furniture through the door and that narrow hallway would probably be a no-go in itself. 

The video has garnered a whopping 10.3 million views on TikTok, and tens of thousands of confused and pained comments such as “why is it shaped like a horrow game” and “someone said amaze me / architect heard a maze”. I would recommend heading over to the original TikTok for the hilariously witty comments alone!

Personally, I don’t think the apartment is that bad. It has that angular, old-3D-video-game vibe. You might have to play real life Tetris to furnish the place though…

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