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There’s A Crazy New 500ft High See-Through Swimming Pool

Would you try it?

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Some like to go for a leisurely swim at their local pool. Others prefer to take the experience to the extreme, and this new pool is perfect for them.

Swimming is a calming, liberating and even luxurious experience depending on where you go. Many would associate swimming with sunny holidays abroad or chilled out days at the pool or the beach. That definitely isn’t what this experience would bring you.

It seems that someone decided typical pools, beaches and water parks simply do not offer enough. They just simply aren’t exhilarating enough, not different enough. So something quite wonderful, but terrifying has been invented.

In Houstan, USA there are now swimming pools 500ft (152m) high at the tops of penthousesSo, you stand in the water and are separated from the top of the building by about 10 metres. Then you casually lounge about, 500ft high, staring down at the world below you.

The experience seems undeniably exhilarating. This is not suitable for anyone who’s afraid of heights. This would definitely be one for the adrenaline-junkies. Despite actually being extremely safe, this is enough to make anyone’s heart race and set off their fight-or-flight response.

Here’s a picture of the impressive view you get from the top:


Good to know that if I ever get rich I can fly to Texas and chill out in a pool 500 feet above the ground! What on earth else do rich people do?

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