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You Can Now Buy Yourself a Giant iPhone Desk

Thankfully, it doesn’t need ANY software updates…

Credit: 10x10 Website

We’ve all seen them, those weird adverts that come up on social media, luring you into buying ridiculous things you most definitely do not need. Well, the perils of online shopping seem to have struck once more, and this time, it’s in the form of an iPhone desk.

Buying a new iPhone is always a pretty big deal, so, how about going one step further buying yourself a giant iPhone desk? Yeah, that’s what we thought…

But, that is exactly what a Korean e-commerce site has done. The table, which has noticeable white stripes across the back and the once iconic home button (RIP touch ID,) which has been removed since the iPhone X onwards. It pretty much looks like the desk is replicating an iPhone 6 model.

The desk will set you back 310,000 South Korean ($273,) whilst another featured on the shopping marketplace, Shopee, is priced at SG$500 ($371.) Fancy, indeed.

The desk is extremely realistic looking, even coming with a compartment to keep your laptop and other bits and bobs safe, which acts like the SIM card port on the iPhone itself.

It’s no secret that iPhones are getting bigger and bigger as the models progress, but it’s still hard to perceive just how large an iPhone desk would be. Photos posted on the Facebook page “Take it to Share” shows a man gamely posing with an iPhone shaped table, which is almost as tall as him. 

Posted by เอาไปแบ่งกันดู on Saturday, 13 March 2021

The post has gained over 12,000 Facebook reactions and 31,000 shares, with many users being humoured by the iPhone ‘replica.’

“Use this to watch a movie,” one user quipped.

Another picture of a man pretending to unlock the giant iPhone with his tiny thumb in comparison was met with jokes about whether he should use his heel instead.

Posted by เอาไปแบ่งกันดู on Saturday, 13 March 2021

Whilst this whole thing is pretty funny and quirky, it does serve as a sharp reminder of the dangers online shopping holds. And to always check the dimensions of the products you intend on buying before checking out…

And if you thought technology couldn’t get ANY weirder, check this out…

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