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UK Government is Proposing Giving Everyone £500 to Spend Shopping

Resolution Foundation’s plan to help out small businesses


Recently, Resolution Foundation has requested that chancellor Sunak consider grant British homes money to be spent at high street shops. 

These vouchers would be between £250(for children) and £500(for the adults).  

The high street is the name for the area where one would find the primary businesses in the UK. The name is used in the same way we in States would say, “main street.” Being different from “centeres” these area is home to buildings such as the post office, pubs, and other main shops.

Credit: David Hagwood

The proposal put forward would give these shops a chance to make some money again after being presumably closed given the current pandemic situation. It seems not dissimilar to the stimulus checks many people received here in the US. The main difference being that this money would come in vouchers for high street shops specifically. 

This act is aimed to improve the living standards for low-middle income households as it also supports businesses impacted negatively by the coronavirus.

The total cost of this venture would be 30 billion but the researchers involved truly believe this to be an effective measure to support those who are need of the most help currently.

Here’s the original statement from the twitter account of the Resolution Foundation: 

The statement definitely shows promise as Smith indicates the money will go to those who do really need it the most and not just spread out everywhere ignoring the ailing businesses. They also mention, in brief, that this is something that’ll be essential to the reopening process as a whole in the months(?) to come. 

For more information on this situation be sure to check out either their twitter page or their website

Shockingly while people like this are trying desperately to resolve these global struggles, there exist people who simply do not care and instead have chosen to throw coronavirus parties(for money even!) check out this article by Melissa Gonzalez to find out more. 



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