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Top Your Christmas Tree With A 3-D Printed ‘Woman In Power’ Figure This Year

Women in power: Christmas tree edition

Photo: Womentolookupto

Are you tired of the same old Christmas decorations year after year plaguing your Christmas tree? Do you wish there was some ornament out there that perfectly catches the idea that women are stars? Well, do I have the perfect tree topper for you! A website by the name of “Women to look up to” 3-D prints angel tree toppers shaped and molded to look like any women of power specifically for you! So no more of reusing the same old dusty, dirty, lopsided angel you bought at a yard sale back in ’07. Instead, think about investing in a miniature Hilary Clinton or Beyonce on top of your tree!

What makes these different and essentially, a lot better than your average tree topper is that not only is it a literal figure of your favorite famous woman on your tree, but how it’s made and shipped to you. As they advertise, it’s “Made of more than PLASTIC and GLITTER”. It’s actually made of the highest grade of plaster the creators could get their hands on, so of course, it’ll last you a very long time. The shipping is also handled very professionally. On the way to your house, your order is insured. tracked step by step, and must be signed for by you. It’s also shipped anywhere in the world!

So why is this so important? Well, we millennials know better than anybody that women don’t get enough praise or respect. So what better way to praise some of our favorite women than to literally put them at the top of our Christmas tree, something all visitors and guests of your house will see the second they walk in.

If you think Christmas Trees are going out of fashion, why not swap them out for Pineapples instead?

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