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The Best Alternative Christmas Trees on Social Media This Year

Maybe it’s time for a change from the norm!

CREDIT: TikTok/needabiggerbookshelf, Instagram/thomasoutt, TikTok/lucybiggers, Instagram/kamt1070

Christmas is a time for family traditions and following the same routine as you have since you were a child, but have you considered trying something different with your tree this year?

From visiting the same tree farm every festive period to using the same baubles you’ve always had, there are plenty of fantastic memories attached to decorating your tree at Christmas. This year, however, has seen the rise of alternative Christmas trees taking over social media, ranging from back garden wonders to turning recycled items into wintery wonders.

Social media stars and much-loved celebs have been showing off their varying takes on a festive fixture for the living room that strays from the usual fir tree. Including every type of item you could imagine, here are some of the best Christmas trees that aren’t quite Christmas trees:

Pampas Tree

Stacey Solomon has become an icon for her honest portrayal on social media, with her family home, Pickle Cottage, being one of the many aspects of her life she shares. Stacey shared how she took the leaves from her neighbor’s pampas bush and designed her own statement piece for her house, with the end result being nothing short of fabulous.

Book Tree

After receiving over 44 million views, BookTokers are sure to have already seen Katie Fulton’s dreamy book tree that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. You’d need a fair few books to get it sitting as tall as this TikTok extravaganza, but it’s certainly doable for booklovers across the world.

Lego Tree

Whilst building a Lego Christmas tree might be more stressful than setting up a real tree, Lego has been a Christmas Day tradition for many, making it the perfect substitute for a real tree. This Louis Vuitton Lego tree is one of the fanciest versions, but you could definitely debut a smaller style in your house.

This Instagrammer, for example, chose to display all of her homemade Lego creations in a Christmas tree-shaped layout. She showcased all of her Christmas builds as well as added presents at the bottom to add that extra touch of traditionalism.

Fairy Light Tree


Fairy light Christmas tree. I made this using string lights and some old dried flowers I had in the craft box. The sticks I found at the park and wrapped some more lights around them. This is a great low waste Christmas tree alternative and perfect for small spaces 🎄#christmasdiy #sustainablechristmas #diychristmasdecor

♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin

If you’re after that warm glow of Christmas but don’t want to deal with the hassle of wrapping them around a tree, you can simply add the lights to your wall. It still adds that lovely festive light into your house during the dark winter months and involves very little effort. 

Cat-Friendly Tree

The festive period can be a notoriously difficult time for feline lovers, having tried every trick in the book to keep them away from the Christmas tree. So this cat-friendly option might be exactly how you save Christmas this year – plus it still looks super jolly.

And Even More!


5 sustainable Christmas tree ideas. Can you think of anymore? #christmascountdown2020 #learnontiktok

♬ O, Christmas Tree – Christmas

If you haven’t found an idea that’s particularly taken your fancy on this list, TikToker Lucy Biggers is on hand with further five ideas you could implement in your home. And, as an added bonus, they’re all sustainable!

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