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So A “Karen” Halloween Costume Exists, And The Internet’s Conflicted

Is this the year’s most terrifying Halloween costume, or a bad joke?

Image Credit: BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube

A “Karen” Halloween costume has popped up at Spirit Halloween stores across the US. But while some think it’s hilarious, others are outraged.

Just last week a photo surfaced on Twitter showcasing the newest addition to Spirt Halloween’s stock, the “Karen”. The costume features a simple blonde bob-styled wig and, when paired with a pair of sunglasses, promises to make you the bane of retail workers everywhere.

Posted by @thecroakerqueen on Twitter the image soon spread like wildfire and reactions began pouring in. Some replied with simple gifs of people screaming while other users replying that they ‘need this wig’. However some users have voiced their concerns with this new meme-turned costume; one user stating ‘This is exactly why we need to stop making jokes out of racism. The Karen thing was never funny to begin with’.

Others are worried about the implication of Spirit ‘profiting from the very real issue of racism’, an issue that is often associated with Karens overall. Some users also seem concerned that this may kill the “Karen” meme completely making it just another “silly quip”.

So will the Karen costume be a staple of Halloween 2021 or not? Only time will tell. Though it seems likely that some may be taking their costume-related complaints straight to the managers of Spirit Halloween.

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