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Gifts For A Happier Woman And A More Romantic Valentine’s Day

Stuck for last minute ideas?

Many fear the act of giving of gifts to their near and dear ones and therefore also despise the culture surrounding valentine’s day. As if birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any of the other celebratory times of the year weren’t enough pressure on the gift buyer, valentine’s day comes around with further demands of a romantic gift. Where as you might have gotten away with given your significant other new kitchen knives or a pillow for your couch on Christmas, that household stuff, the ‘necessary’ things, aren’t going to cut it for the most romantic day of year. Or is it? 

The reason most people struggle with valentines more than any other gift-giving occasion is quite likely due to the conventional notion of the day having to be over-the-top traditionally amorous. There is a catch however, because although your partner or the person you admire probably would appreciate something sweet and an effort from your part, the amount of money spent on the gift or whether it conforms to the stereotypical valentine’s gift collection (usually known to involve roses, chocolate, jewellery etc) isn’t actually as important as you might worry it is.  

To provide some inspiration this list of 10 alternative and equally romantic gifts has been made. Good luck and have a very happy Valentine’s! 

For the Quirky Fashionista:  

The Peanuts Valentine’s Tshirt- $39 at Urban Outfitters 

For the Bookworm: 

Emily Brönte’s classic romance Wüthering Heights$7.8 at Blackwells 

For the Cooking Enthusiast: 

Heart-shaped waffle maker- $82 on Amazon 

For the Self-care Guru: 

A Soothing Almond Milk & Honey pampering essentials kit- $21 at The Body Shop 

For the Coffee Lover: 

This Classic Espresso machine- $89.99 from Nespresso 


For the classic Romantic: 

This infinity-heart bangle- $49 from Swarovski 

For the Wine girl: 

A personalised bottle of wine for the lovebirds- $24.98 on Itsyourbottle 

For the one who loves caring for plants: 

Herat-shaped succulent- $24.5 on Amazon 

For her who loves a glammy look: 

This coral-pink palette- $24 from Morphe 

For… ANYONE and EVERYONE else: 

A classic bouquet of roses is forever and always welcome- find at any local flower shop at this time of the year. 

For more romantically charged articles follow on with this article on how to keep the magic alive. 

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