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7 Most Popular Halloween Costumes in 2022 According to Google

Need some costume inspo? These suggestions might help you out.

halloween costumes 2022
Image: Netlfix / IMDB

With Halloween fast approaching, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: what to dress up as. Whether you’re heading on a night out or attending a ‘costume mandatory’ party, getting ideas for an actually good costume can be tough. If you’re in need of some inspiration, then these are the outfits everyone else is Googling for costumes that don’t suck.

Every year there are searches for costumes inspired by popular TV shows or movies. Last year was Squid Game and this year it’s all about Stranger Things, Euphoria and Wednesday Addams. With so many great shows coming out in 2022, it’s no wonder that people are dressing up as characters rather than opting for traditional Halloween costumes like devils or cats.

1. Wednesday Addams

With the upcoming release of the Netflix series Wednesday in November, Wednesday Addams is one of the top choices for this year. Searches for ‘Wednesday Addams costume’ is at an average of 58,000 monthly Google searches worldwide. Her costume is pretty simple: a collared black dress and braids, making it an easy last-minute costume. Not sure where to get the iconic dress? You can find it on Missy Empire for a pretty affordable price.

Credit: Netflix /IMDB

2. Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham

Considering how obsessed the internet was with Stranger Things season 4, and especially Eddie Munson, it’s no surprise that he is one of the top choices this year for Halloween 2022. Coming in second is Chrissy Cunningham, followed by the rest of the core cast. Eddie and Chrissy are one of the top couples’ Halloween costume choices this year. Google searches for Eddie’s iconic ‘Hellfire Club shirt’ receives 41,000 average monthly searches across the globe.

Credit: Netflix/ IMDB

Stuck on where to get your Stranger Things costume from? You can find a full Chrissy costume on Coshd and Eddie’s Hellfire Club t-shirt on Merchoid.

3. Barbie and Ken

Thanks to the release of paparazzi pictures of Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of the new Barbie film, Barbie and Ken is another hot choice this year. With Barbiecore being one of the most popular aesthetics of this year, a Barbie-themed costume for Halloween seems like a natural consequence of this. Whether it is matching neon rollerblading outfits or hot pink cowboy costumes, searches for ‘Barbie Halloween costumes’ have reached an average of 15,000 each month worldwide.

Credit: Warner Bros. /IMDB

TikToker Katie Christian (@kchri614) has gone all out to make her own Barbie cowgirl outfit and it’s literally exactly how it looks in the film.

Credit: kchri614 / TikTok

4. Elvis and Priscilla

Elvis and Priscilla Presley will undoubtedly be one of the most popular couples costumes this Halloween. The release of Baz Luhrmann’s recent Elvis biopic proved to be a great source of inspiration for Halloween costumes.  Searches for ‘Elvis costume’ have increased 335% worldwide over the last 12 months!

Credit: Warner Bros. / IMDB

Hunter (@hunterstandi) on TikTok posted an Elvis-inspired costume where everything can be found on Amazon.

Credit: hunterstandi / TikTok

5. Sanderson Sisters from ‘Hocus Pocus’

With a renewed interest in the classic film Hocus Pocus due to the sequel being released on Disney+, the Sanderson sisters have become one of the top choices for a group costume idea. Searches for “Hocus Pocus costumes” have risen 317% globally over the past three months. Adding to the popularity of picking a Hocus Pocus themed costume is the fact the film was a major feature in many peoples’ childhood. And you can’t go wrong with a witch costume for Halloween.

Credit: Disney / IMDB

TikToker Meg (@magicwithmegd) managed to create a Sara Sanderson costume from clothes she owned already.

Credit: magicwithmegd / TikTok

6. Anyone from Euphoria

As expected, Euphoria still ranks as one of the top choices this year for costumes. Over the past two seasons, the show has delivered some of the most memorable and epic looks on television. Between the glittery makeup, sheer dresses, and cheerleading uniforms, Euphoria is the best inspiration if you want an iconic look this Halloween.

Credit: HBO / IMDB

Check out this costume inspo for Maddie from Euphoria by Michelle (@hhheathermichelle).


Maddy Perez Halloween costume inspo for my baddies 💅🖤 everything is from @prettylittlething and In my 🖤🖤B🖤l🖤0🖤🖤#maddyperez #maddyperezeuphoria #maddyperezoutfits #halloweencostume #costumeinspo #hothalloweencoustume #halloweeninspo #halloween2022

♬ i wanna be in the sequel – i am mclovin
Credit: hhheathermichelle / TikTok

7. And…Jeffery Dahmer

After the release of Monster: the Jeffery Dahmer Story on Netflix in September of this year, people have decided it’s somehow a good idea to dress as a real serial killer.  Jeffrey Dahmer costumes might not be on the shelves at major stores but that isn’t stopping people from searching online. Tons of costume items inspired by the serial killer are up for sale on eBay. You can find glasses, wigs, and shirts similar to the ones worn by Evan Peters in the series. But the flood of people declaring they’re going as Dahmer for Halloween has the internet outraged. Many social media users have been begging the public to think about the families of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims and recognize he was a real killer who took the lives of seventeen people.

Credit: Netlfix / IMDB

Hopefully, some of these ideas (except Jeffery Dahmer) can be a source of inspiration this Halloween so you don’t find yourself without a costume or dressing as a black cat again this year.

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