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Kat Von Di Gives Gardening To The Goths

And every single flower is black.

Image by Kat Von Di

Kat Von Di – better known for her tattoo artistry, make-up lines, and music – is also the creator of an entirely black garden.

Between performing on IAMX’s new album and tour, she takes to Instagram to give us the latest in horticulture headlines.

About the panda-face ‘ling ling’ Ginger flower, she says, “…note the velvety texture of the petals! This flower is not culinary ginger, but referred to as “ginger” for its scent when crushed.”

The goth-gardener has a comprehensive collection:

“In my black garden I have black sunflowers, tulips, petunias, pansies, cala lilies, columbine, cosmos, desert roses, pennies, coleus, morning glories, nasturtium, peony, green/black wizards and more…”

This is not just a novelty for Kat Von Di. She takes gardening seriously and often shares her insights about the qualities of each flower she posts on Instagram. For instance, the Black ‘Chocolate Soldier’ Columbine:

“Columbines belong in the buttercup family, and sadly are not particularly long-lived. Most of them die within two years, but fortunately grow easily from seed.”

As a trend-setter, Kat Von Di could inspire her followers to stick their own hands into the soil. It might be the beginning of a greener (but still black) kind of goth.

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