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A Look Inside Florida’s Eco-Friendly ‘Dune House’.

“An environmentalists haven”.

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With December finally upon us, hats, scarves and warm fluffy jackets are grabbed in frantic haste and many cups of hot chocolate consumed. Weather that makes you want to stay indoors and do nothing except look back through your summer holiday photos, longing for warmer times. Fear not as we are momentarily transported to Florida to take a peek inside this beautiful eco-friendly home. Surely this will warm your soul.

Early Beginnings

Disaster struck in 1964 with Hurricane Dora causing $280 million worth of damage to Florida’s coastline. As a result, an enormous sand dune was created on the coast of Atlantic Beach. The highly acclaimed and celebrated American architect, William Morgan, had a brilliant idea during the 1970s to build a home within the dune. 

(Hurricane Dora Aftermath)  / Image via

His vision was to create a home that was part of the environment which he referred to as a “experiment”.

Inside The Dune House

(Open-plan Kitchen With Sitting Room) / Image via

Built in 1964, this home was definitely before its time. The open plan living and spa-like feel equal those of purpose built zen spaces to gain calmness and clarity. 

The house consists of no corners and is modelled on a nautilus shell. There is one bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, kitchen and deck with ocean view. A true product of thinking outside the box.

(Kitchen) / Image via

Outside The Dune House

The grass exterior cannot be ignored. The way it blends into its surroundings is exactly what makes it stand out. 

(Exterior of House) / Image via

The hidden oasis tucked along Atlantic Beach’s coastline with picture postcard views. You can definitely imagine yourself here starting the day with a smile on you face.

(Deck With Ocean Views) / Image via 

What Makes This House Special

Aesthetics aside, the Dune House is an environmentalists haven. With the house insulted by the earth alone, there is no need for central heating. 

Similar Properties

Admittedly, at first glance both Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit House and the Teletubby House were brought to mind. 

(The Hobbit House) / Image via

So, as well as living in a “garden of Eden” (Owner, Carl Drew), the possibility of living in a property alike with these seen on television is quite an exciting premise. Especially for Hobbit and Teletubby fans. 

(The Teletubby House) Image via

Who Lives There Now

(Left, Jennie Malloy. Right, Carl Drew.)

Image via

Jennie Malloy and Carl Drew bought the property in 2012 for a pricey sum of $1.2 million. With homes such as these not being within most people’s price range, it can be rather deflating looking at homes we can only dream of. However, you can do more than dream of this property – you can dream there due to the owners renting out the house. So not all hope is lost.

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