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Ultimate Fitness Challenge: Pro Climber Takes on Navy SEAL Test

Could a pro climber be as fit as a Navy SEAL? Magnus Midtbø wants to find out.

Credit: YouTube/Magnus Midtbø

Having smashed the fitness requirements of the US Marine Core, Pro Climber Magnus Midtbø takes on the infamous Navy Seal fitness test

Most commonly observed under the control of screaming eight-year-olds on Call of Duty, a brief glance at any article on the US Navy SEALs will reveal they are far from juvenile. Living under their motto ‘The only easy day was yesterday’, the SEALs are some of the most battle-hardened soldiers on planet Earth. Wherever the bad guys are, be it land or sea, arctic or desert, they still fear the so-called ‘Men with Green Faces’.

You may think being a one-man-army requires a pretty tough training regime, and you’d be right. Navy SEALs are renowned for their stamina. Potential applicants need to pop a hundred press-ups or more in two minutes to even make an impression in the first stage of selection. I don’t know about you, but that goal alone probably means the closest I’ll get to being a Navy SEAL is watching The Rock or Die Hard.

One man who isn’t phased by the challenge, however, is Magnus Midtbø. Magnus started climbing at age 11 and, after retiring in 2017 from the competition, has effectively been travelling the world showing off. Having smashed the training requirements used by the US Marine Core, Magnus wanted to see if he could rank with the best the US military has to offer. The question is, can he? Click the link to find out:

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