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Did You Do Any of These Weird Wellness Trends in the 2010’s?

What was your worst trend of the last decade?

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The end of this decade is swiftly approaching us and some of us are grateful to see the 2010’s behind us. Yet, a new article by VICE has us wondering: What weird trends did you fall victim to this last decade? VICE is currently holding a contest on Twitter to find out which is the top trendiest wellness trend people fell victim to this year. You can check out their stellar Twitter feed here.

For brevity’s sake, we will touch upon five wellness trends that many of us fell victim to in the last decade.

First up, let’s talk about CrossFit. I fully admit to going to CrossFit for almost a year, in fact I went when I was pregnant with my last child! Don’t @ me over how dangerous it could have been, my doctor said it would be fine. CrossFit was this weird, fun, painful cult of people that were REALLY into lifting heavy weights as fast as they could. In hindsight, it was definitely an extreme sport and I am happy I don’t do it anymore.

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Now let’s talk about cauliflower. Yes, cauliflower. In the hey day of people going Keto or Paleo or Cutting Carbs, everyone became obsessed with cauliflower. You could rice it, “buffalo sauce” it, make a pizza crust out of it and I am sure lots of other wild things. And yes, I tried this little trend also. And no, cauliflower should never be used as a rice.

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Cauliflower sort of feeds into the next weird wellness thing: All the Diets. There was Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, Juicing, Fasting, TeaTox, and several others we are forgetting about. Chances are, dear readers, you have tried one of these — whether you want to admit it or not is a different story. I can very honestly say that most of these diets I half-ass attempted to do… none of them made me happy and at least two of them made me poop A LOT. I’ll be happy to see these fads fade into the distance.

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While we are on the subject of food, let’s talk Kale. This very dark, leafy, gross (in this writer’s opinion) food was so trendy. You could steam it, bake it, make it into a chip or cut it up and up it in a salad. I had friends who would eat kale with almost every meal. Aside from all the vitamins and good nutrients in kale, I never really saw the point. I would always argue that spinach tasted better — this never made me popular with kale fanatics.

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Lastly, let’s review the obsession with not vaccinating children. Currently, I live in the American state of Washington. Some may remember there was a literal outbreak of measles in this state — seriously. Not only has this trend gone on too long, it becomes ever more dangerous to blindly accept the notion that parents have the right to chose not to vaccinate. And before you come for me, I have three kids. They are all vaccinated. Yes, even the flu shot. Allow me to be quite frank, I’d always rather deal with the side effects of a vaccine than have a dead kid. Period. Vaccinate Your Children.

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Voting for VICE’s Worst Wellness Trends ends soon, so be sure to pop over and vote! Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Trill! for your Daily Dose of Awesome.

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