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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals What Drives Him Crazy About People At The Gym

“…don’t cheat on yourself, just do the exercise the right way.”

Source: Flickr

The Terminator actor and former professional bodybuilder recently shared with what drives him absolutely nuts when he’s at the gym.

The 72-year-old actor is more than happy to tell LADbible about the annoying things other people do in the gym, offering this one for starters: “When they do half a rep, or when they do chin-ups and they just go half way up.

“Or if they do a pull-down exercise or curls and they just sit there and do half a curl. You have to concentrate when you do everything.

“You’ve got to feel the bicep, you’ve got to squeeze it and do it the right way because then that rep really has an effect, otherwise it doesn’t have any effect and therefore you’re wasting your time…

Schwarzenegger went on to say, “It drives me nuts when I see them in the gym. I’ve been seeing this stuff for 50 years because I was always a fanatic about doing the movement the right way — don’t cheat on yourself, just do the exercise the right way.”

Even better, the former Governor of California admits that he’s “comfortable enough to walk over to someone and just say, ‘I think you would be better off if you did full reps and if you do them the proper way.'”

If Arnold freaking Schwarzenegger walked up to me at the gym and gave me advice on how to work out, you’re damn right I would hang on his every world. I honestly feel like he’s just trying to help people out so they don’t get into bad habits. In his opinion, he believes that a lot of trainers out there “suck” because “they are teaching their students horrible things.” Those “things” include improper positions and improper movements which could lead to serious injury. In the end, he admits he feels “sorry” for unfortunate clients and hopes that trainers are properly taught in “theoretical” as well as “practical” techniques to properly help the people who are paying their trainers to learn from their trainers.

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