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Why You Should Tap Into Your “Goddess Energy”

Despite its mystical connotations, this trend is helping people to transform their lives in a real way.

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In 2022, the term “goddess energy” (a.ka. “feminine energy”) is not unheard of, thanks to social media, but what does it actually refer to? Like any self-improvement trend, it’s open to interpretation and can be taken to unhealthy extremes in some cases. The influencers who speak about this topic in-depth, however, all affirm that it’s changed their life for the better. Here’s why…

The Power of Archetypes

Though this trend primarily appeals to women who want to look and feel like goddesses, it’s actually all-inclusive. If you’ve been on the spiritual side of social media, you might have heard that there is feminine and masculine energy within all of us. The same is true of goddess energy. We all have the ability to tap into it, regardless of gender or sex. While the word “goddess” might still conjure up traditional images of femininity, the influencers who focus on the internal aspects of this archetype are helping to change this.

“You are a Goddess. I don’t care what you look like, where you come from, what your story is, whoever you are watching this. You are a Goddess and it just takes a simple decision to acknowledge that in yourself.”

Anila Sita 101

The Goddess, as a modern archetype, doesn’t have to look any particular way. Instead, she is recognized for her non-physical characteristics, such as her wisdom, compassion, and self-confidence. The ability of goddesses from different cultures to shapeshift, such as the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who transforms herself into an old woman, further illustrates that outer appearance is irrelevant here. Being a Goddess is simply about recognizing your inherent value and living accordingly.

It is also worth mentioning that you don’t need to identify as a Goddess specifically in order to adopt this empowering mindset. Spiritual teacher Anya Grace works with six feminine energy archetypes and there are plenty more beyond that. Many men are also beginning to step into their “King energy”, which allows them to project healthy and secure masculinity. Though this practice might sound out there, embodying an archetype is really just a hack for shifting your mindset and becoming the person you want to be. While most of us have a vague idea of the best version of ourselves, aligning with our preferred archetype can give us the mental clarity needed actually to become this version.

“How can you right now in your life take your life and begin to align it with the Goddess and with the Queen? What do you need to think differently? And what do you need to do differently to bring your life into 100% congruency?”

Anya Grace
Woman wearing a beautiful elaborate gold headpiece staring thoughtfully

What Does Goddess Energy Look Like In Practice?

Despite its spiritual connotations, goddess energy is best understood through real-life examples. In a recent video, YouTuber Itsbabyj1 shares four ways to activate this energy to help people get what they want in life. The first is opening up our ability to receive.

“When you say that you’re open to receive you’re saying that you’re worthy of having the thing that you want.”

So often, we reject what others want to give us, whether that’s praise, help, or pleasure, but Itsbabyj1 encourages us to accept these things with openness if we want to upgrade our lives. While some people might view this as a form of manifestation (i.e., when we are open energetically, the universe will provide for us), her advice also makes sense through a practical lens. When we let someone carry our bags rather than saying “I got it”, for example, we subconsciously communicate our self-worth to that person. Through these small changes, we set the standard for how others treat us.

YouTuber Anila Sita also stresses that in order to be treated like a Goddess, we must focus on what we want. She gives a great example of how, as women, we’ve been conditioned to ask ourselves, “does he like me?” when we’re dating a guy.

“We overanalyze all the reasons he may not wanna be with us, we get afraid because it’s stemming from a place of lack of self-worth. So, a really easy way to step into your feminine energy is by asking yourself “what is it that I want?” and “is this guy giving me what I actually want?””

Like the main character trend, goddess energy is about bringing the focus back to yourself. Anila Sita admits that she used to go clubbing to meet a guy until she realized that her ideal person probably wouldn’t even be there. Now she simply focuses on enjoying herself, trusting that the right people and opportunities will come to her.

Clearly, being receptive is a big part of having goddess energy, however, this shouldn’t be confused with passivity. All of the abovementioned influencers emphasize that being a Goddess is about having a balance of masculine and feminine energy. We should take inspired action and put ourselves out there but not at the cost of our well-being and happiness. It’s about believing that we’re worthy of having what we want and knowing that it can come to us through a perfect balance of giving and receiving.

Redefining Femininity

Despite the depth and power attributed to goddesses in different cultures, most people still have a very narrow conception of this archetype. In today’s society, one might describe a woman as a goddess because of her appearance or sex appeal, and nothing else. Of course, this superficial understanding of femininity isn’t new, as evinced by the long-established virgin/whore dichotomy, but now it’s time to dismantle it.

In her video on “The Powerful Woman”, YouTuber True Brilliance discusses how women are still expected to either be intelligent and goal-oriented or carefree and sensual. How can they possibly be both!? Without a doubt, this false dichotomy is designed to suppress feminine power and that’s why we need to tap into our goddess energy:

“The Goddess is on the middle path. Just because you’re powerful, just because you’re strong, just because you know who you are and you’re intelligent does not in any way mean that you have to give up your feminine wiles because being sexy, being seductive, being magnetic is a part of being a woman.”

True Brilliance

The Goddess is often misconstrued as angry or crazy because she embraces all aspects of herself, including her deepest desires and darkest emotions. Though it’s uncomfortable, facing the repressed parts of ourselves ultimately gives us more self-confidence, as Sydelle Fernandes explains in her article about shadow work.

Plus size Black woman in yellow undergarments looking confident and radiant

Being in your goddess energy doesn’t mean that things will always feel joyful and easy. It’s about doing what you know deep down is right for you, even if it feels uncomfortable or scary in the moment. In her video, Anila Sita shares a great tip for pushing past self-doubt so we can express ourselves fully:

“Any time you feel you’re “too much” or you’re too aggressive or whatever the case may be, ask yourself in your head “if a man was doing this, would he be judged?” and if the answer is no, bitch, continue to do your thing and don’t fucking let yourself be shamed by anybody.”

Despite the ambiguity of the term “goddess energy”, it is evidently helping many women to adopt a more empowering mindset. Even if you don’t want to identify as a Goddess, this trend is a great reminder of how our self-image can effect tangible change in our lives.

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