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WATCH: Jay Alvarrez Films Himself On A Crazy Trip To Dubai

This is unreal!

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Jay Alvarrez captures his sensational trip to Dubai. This legend filmed himself jumping from planes, balancing a car on two wheels and thrashing exotics.

Let the pictures tell you everything on this crazy trip.


‘UAE’ features incredible stunts, insane scenes and simply amazing moments. Alvarrez really is living life to the fullest, just have a look at what he’s doing:

“This was the most insane trip of my life. I’ve never pushed my crazy side this much before. Unexpected moments of magic, bliss, love, adrenaline and stress. My goal is for you to know what’s it’s like to see and feel through my eyes and soul. This is only a fraction of a larger project I’m working on. Hope you enjoy the first cut. Major special thank you to Savage Isle & Big Block LA.” – @jayalvarrez


For another awesome story have a look here!

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