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You Can Now Sleep in a Tiny Cabin Loaded With Bees in Romania

You can sleep in a small cabin filled with bees in Romania.

Credit: Facebook/Nutriterapii Apicole

Ever wondered how it feels to sleep with buzzing bees around you? Now, you can!

Sleeping with creepy crawlers doesn’t sound like the typical way to get some rest. Knowing there’s bees buzzing just inches away from you means there’s got to be some serious stinging coming, right? Well, not in Romania!

Vasile Nasca claims that these bees will help soothe stressed-out customers. The forty-five-year-old owner has worked with bees for twenty years. He created this buzzing therapeutic treatment after realizing producing honey wasn’t enough.

Nasca shares, “I inherited the passion from my father Alexandru Nasca, known in the area as Sandy Stuparul, who is 83 years old and still works as a beekeeper”.

Just like busy bees, his family is working the therapeutic business with him. Not only will you be getting some shuteye with several bees, but you will also be in the presence of honey being made.

Credit: Facebook/Nutriterapii Apicole

EU funding was provided to help build the therapeutic business. After building the humming cabins, Nasca received a number of interests.

More interestingly, Nasca says the humming of the bees stimulates the nervous system and boosts hearing. He isn’t a doctor but built these cabins especially to help soothe people and do more with the bees.

The cabin features an individual bed with several bees put away in their apiaries. 

Credit: Facebook/Nutriterapii Apicole

More fortunately, Nasca claims that the hums of the bees can be used for other ailments such as depression, migraines, stress, and fatigue. If this doesn’t sound curing to your needs yet, this cabin can help rid your fear of bees too. 

Rest assured, Nasca has taken this therapeutic business into precaution. He shares, “We have taken all the necessary measures to minimize the risk of bee stings. Actually, the risk of accidentally being stung by a bee outside is higher than in our cabins.”

See, nothing to worry about. Take a nap and release some tension by some honeymaking bees. Want to sleep in another fun location? Here’s your opportunity to sleep in a hotel room without walls in the swiss mountains.

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