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Website Allows You to Go Inside Homes Around the World While in Quarantine

Window-swap gives you the opportunity to “open a new window somewhere in the world”.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr / John K Thorne

Quarantine has been going on a long time for some around the world. People have found different ways to entertain themselves in the meantime, but at some point, the fatigue of being inside all the time sets in. But thankfully for us human beings, there is the website Window-swap.

To summarize, Window-swap allows you to take a look out of the window of some place around the world. There is no need for you to step outside: the website gives you everything you need.

How it works is people submit 10-minute HD videos of what their personal window looks like. From there, the website opens it up for everyone to see. I could be sitting on a couch in Florida, open up Window-swap, and take a peek at what it’d be like to be looking at Singapore’s skyline. 

Pretty cool right? It gives people a different perspective than the one they have been looking at for the past few months. As the website says, it is here to “fill that deep void in our wanderlust hearts”, while helping everyone stay safe inside.

I honestly love this. At first, I thought the site was just going to make me want to travel more. In a way it definitely did, but it had so many views from so many places that I didn’t know were so gorgeous!

For example, Matthias’s view in Austria (above) caught me pleasantly by surprise. I don’t know how I pictured Austria in my brain before seeing his view, but I know it didn’t look like that. Window-swap is truly a great website to go to if you’re tired of being trapped in the same spot and want to get a different perspective.

But as I mentioned, the site did kind of get me giddy to hop on the next flight to a foreign country. I know that isn’t happening anytime soon with how COVID-19 has played out, but it has me eager for when that chance finally arises again.

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