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Uber Rider Charged £18,500 For A Five-Mile Trip

A must-read for Uber users!

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Uber can be very costly. We all know this. And yet, many of us still find ourselves logging onto the app, weighing the pros and cons between pool and UberX for that particular moment in time (surge prices = a killer). Sometimes we get lucky, and we end up with extremely low trip prices. Other times, not so much. Depending on the situation, we may bite the bullet, so to speak, accepting a ride with an extremely ridiculous fee; however, how much is too much? Perhaps, this guy knows.

For a single Uber ride, a man in Toronto, Canada was charged CA$18,518.50. The guy spotted the error immediately and tried to remedy the situation, being that the fee was abnormally large for a ride that was only a mere 5 miles.

Here’s the kicker: According to the man’s friend, Emily Kennard, Uber refused to reimburse the money.

Well, that’s certainly a financial setback.

Luckily, the man’s debt did not persist for long. As we now know, Uber refunded the money.

But still, it makes you wonder what the poor guy must have been feeling. Hopefully, there are some free ride promo codes in his near future.

If not, there’s always Lyft.

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