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Top Travel Destinations Based on Your ‘Travel Aesthetic’

Grab your passport and my hand!

A woman who is on vacation and looking at an architecture.
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Traveling the world is one of the most fulfilling activities that anyone fortunate enough can experience. It provides sensational insights into different cultures, increases knowledge, and makes one feel versed and freed.

However, knowing where to go is an important part of traveling and should not be understated. But how do you decide when there are so many options?

Well, to make it simple, here are some of the best places you should visit based on your personal aesthetic. 

Cottage Core Aesthetic

If you consider yourself as someone who enjoys a handmade, prairie-inspired dress or loves rustic decor and independent bookstores, you might fall under the cottage core aesthetic. This aesthetic glamorizes rural European life at its finest. It’s the simple lifestyle in the countryside where traditional skills such as baking goods, gardening, and crocheting are celebrated. So, if you appreciate pastels and nature, Powerstock in Dorset fits this style of life, making it the perfect vacation spot.

It’s a historical, archaic village nestled in the South of England. Stone cottages are located along this small town with a vintage church painting the perfect cottage core image. In addition, it also has rolling lush greenery with its beautiful countryside that attracts various breeds of wildlife. Along with its wildflowers, butterflies, and stunning local coastline for anyone who craves reading by the waters and sweet tea during the summer; this is a great escape. 

But if a visual is what you need before further consideration, TikTok user @uktravel provides a great example.

Other places that offer a similar aesthetic include the Cotswolds (England), Geithoorn (Netherlands) and Colmar (France).  

Light Academia Aesthetic

Next, adding to the list of differing styles and places to visit, light academia is definitely on the roster. This is the sister counterpart to dark academia, which appreciates creativity, an eagerness for knowledge, and a passion for learning. It is characterized by a romantic and reverie quality that withdraws its innovation from the classical era.

Light academia is usually linked with classic studies and is portrayed through soft colors, vintage fashion, and a romanticized worldview. It symbolizes the movement of exploring the world with an open mind and heart derived from literature, poetry, art, and music. So, if you classify as the light academia, Athens, Greece might be the place for you. 

Athens is a historical city and the capital of Greece. Many of classical civilization’s intellectuals and artistic ideas originated from there. The city is still dominated by 5th-century B.C. landmarks, including the Acropolis–a hilltop citadel. The city is landmarked with ancient Greek temples and ruins that are not only a significant sight to see but also have rich historical knowledge. Not to mention, Athens is home to popular Greek mythological stories, where Zeus and Athena are not just fictional characters. Athens also offers endless museums displaying anything in Greece’s history timeline. 

But if that’s not enough, TikTok user @treyfoundjules gives a mini vlog on how to spend your time in the city of the Violet Crown.


how we spent 24 hours in Athens, Greece!! • 6:00AM — sunrise at Philoppapos Hill • 8:00AM — breakfast in Plaka area • 10:00AM — village of Anafiotika • 12:00AM — walk around Plaka and and explore freely • 3:00PM — walk the Roman Agora of Athens • 6:00PM — the Acropolis of Athens! (Definitely the highlight — I recommend going in the evening a couple hours before they close!) • 8:00PM — the hill across the Acropolis for sunset! • 10:00PM — rooftop drinks! #athensgreece #athensgreece🇬🇷 #greecetravel #athensitinerary

♬ A Day in My Life – Soft boy

If this suits you, places such as Paris (France), Turin (Italy) or Budapest (Hungary) might also be worth the travel.

Dark Academia Aesthetics

This look is the esoteric version of light academia, so for people who are fans of Harry Potter, The Picture of Dorian Gray, black coffee, and rainy days, then this might be for you. Thematically, dark academia is also centered on literature and education, which is similar to light academia. However, where light academia promotes optimism and happy endings, dark academia is rooted in escapism and literary tragedy. It’s wearing dark colors and vintage clothing inspired by traditional university fashion (such as Oxford or Harvard). 

So, if you’re in need of a getaway but want a place that’s in alignment with you, then traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland, would be your personal heaven. The city is known for its somber, overcast days, austere architecture and possesses magical Halloween vibes. Where a towering castle exists not only in folklore and myths but also in a cobblestoned city. TikToker @co.nfused portrays glimpses of what can be found in this capital city.

Other suggestions that feel similar to this aesthetic would be Bremen (Germany), Trondheim (Norway) and New Haven (United States). 

Minimalism Aesthetic

Minimalism is very modernized and effortless. It’s full of neutral tone colors, lacks distractions, and promotes a calm vibe. This aesthetic could come in different forms in lifestyle and artistic aspects. If you wear khakis, button-up shirts, and belts, this look could describe you. Or if you catch yourself listening to “Say Something” by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera or “Someone Like You” by Adele, then that’s probably a promising indicator. This is why Tokyo in Japan might be a vacation that piques your interest.

Japan is well-known for its minimalistic aesthetic and easygoing philosophy. The minimalist lifestyle coincides with the culture deeply embedded in lucidity, euphony, and stability. Visiting temples, gardens, and traditional Japanese houses can be a great way to experience the minimalism it has to offer. Throughout Japan, there is an acute importance on life experiences over materialism.

Participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or playing kittens while you eat is the sort of mindset of minimalistic tradition. Even drinking bubble tea while songs and dance are presented to you fosters their Zen lifestyle.

Little4rest, shows Kyoto in Japan. Which similarly portrays Japan’s minimalistic style.

So, if you like this, then you should check out other countries like Iceland, New Zealand, or Denmark.

Bohemian Aesthetic

Lastly, Bohemian has an aura that draws from various styles and cultures. The fashion is loose, colorful, and also known as ‘hippie.’ The home decor includes tapestries, plants, salt lamps, and DIY projects. So, if you’re vibrant, bubbly, and free-spirited, then Negril in Jamaica should suffice as your ideal vacation destination. 

Negril has a real bohemian vibe that is perfect for a holiday, and it remains fashionable and very trendy. From multi-colored huts serving beer in the warm sun to debonair boutique hotels and exclusive roof terraces, you’ll find amazing first-rate healthy cuisine, green juices to go along with your breakfasts, and trendy restaurants for dinner. Expect sunrise yoga classes and cool glasses of effervesce during sundown.

Nezariel captures the perfect summer in Jamaica.

Other places that give off the same aesthetic are Bali (Indonesia), Tulum (Mexico) and Gao (India).

Deciding what your particular vibe looks like is a good tactic in figuring out where you want to travel to. Personal styles range from different points of its spectrum, giving you more freedom and choices for choosing your vacation destination. But in general, wherever you desire to travel should be your endgame.

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