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The Gorgeous Set Locations In ‘No Time To Die’

From sunny Jamaica to icy Norway, the stunning set locations used in ‘No Time To Die.’

Photograph: Eon Productions

The latest Bond movie, ‘No Time To Die,’ hit cinemas all around the world on 30th September. The film scored an 83% approval rating with critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and Matt Singer of ScreenCrush praising the film for “plenty of eye-popping spectacle.” These are the six gorgeous set locations where Daniel Craig’s swansong as the iconic spy was filmed.

waves crashing on seashore during daytime
Photograph: @blaichch/ Unsplash


This island nation in the Caribbean is where the movie picks up Bond’s story. Having retired his 007 code number, the British secret agent enjoys a little sun before he is thrust back into the world of espionage.

Jamaica will always be an integral location in Bond history. Many of the original Bond novels were written by Ian Fleming in his Jamaican home, GoldenEye. The house’s name later made it into a Brosnan-era film and the location itself is a tourist hot spot. In fact, the name ‘James Bond’ was chosen by Fleming after he saw it on the cover of a guide to bird life in Jamaica in January 1952.

The film crew of ‘No Time To Die’ used Kingston Harbour and Port Antonio on the northeast coast as filming locations.

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Photograph: Eon Productions


Looking about as far away from sunny Jamaica as you can get, the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is the site of an epic chase scene in Bond’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The bridge connects the island of Averoy with mainland Norway.

Also used was the Nittedal Forest, a little northeast of the Norwegian capital city, Oslo. Here, between the misty evergreens and out on the icy lake, another thrilling chase scene takes place.

See the source image
Photograph: Eon Productions


Italy has always been a favorite location for Bond films. Fans will recall in recent years the Venice sequence from ‘Casino Royale.’ In ‘No Time To Die,’ Bond travels to Matera, treating viewers to shots of the winding cobblestone streets and stone houses.

Swapping vehicles to an Aston Martin DBS and then to a motorcycle, a bridge in Gravina di Puglia was where the breath-taking bike stunt from the film’s trailer takes place.

lighthouse near body of water
Photograph: @pwaldhauer/ Unsplash

The Faroe Islands

Though a principality of Denmark, the Faroe Islands jut out into the North Atlantic Ocean. The film shows off the windswept vistas of Kalsoy, home to less than 80 people.

The island is called ‘The Flute’ by islanders for its long, thin shape and numerous road tunnels. It is here the film’s climax takes place.

landscape photography of mountain
Photograph: @fourcolourblack/ Unsplash


A location possibly to rival Jamaica in its importance to the history of the character, the Ardverikie House Estate is featured in ‘No Time To Die’ along with the Aviemore lochs in the Cairngorms.

Daniel Craig’s Bond last appeared in Scotland in his 2012 movie, ‘Skyfall.’ Fleming actually wrote that Bond grew up in Scotland into his novels after seeing Scottish actor Sean Connery play the character in ‘Dr. No.’

photo of Elizabeth Tower, London
Photograph: @evantdang/ Unsplash


Of course, though Bond might have been raised in Scotland, he is often associated with being the quintessential English agent. London holds the headquarters of secret agency MI6 which, despite his retirement, inevitably pulls Bond in for one final mission.

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