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New Zealand Woman Builds Flying Pirate Ship Treehouse in Her Backyard

Stunning Pirate Ship-inspired Treehouse available to rent on Airbnb!

Credit: Airbnb

Childhood dream turned stunning reality, an Auckland Woman’s Pirate Ship,  Hinemoana can be rented on Airbnb for less than $100 a night.

Situated at Tanglewood Retreat and named the Hinemoana, after the Māori personification of the ocean, this beautiful ship resides 20 feet above the ground, suspended by treetops, and is reached with a large spiral staircase. 

This name Hinemoana is emblazoned across its front of the ship along with an elaborate and antiquated wooden carving of the mythical goddess Hinemoana.

The hull of Hinemoana is, in fact, a part of a 150-year-old Cornish sailing boat which spent its days at sea sailing between Auckland and Melbourne. When eventually deemed unworthy for the sea, the hull was sold on Trade Me.

On the centre of the hull is a large mast which was actually found by one of the treehouse builders along the side of the road on Wahiki Island. The mast is equipped with a basket watchtower, ropes, and a bowsprit with sails.

Credit: AirBnB

To enter the ship’s main cabin there is a large wooden door that is opened with an old ship’s steering wheel. The interior of the main cabin is decorated with beautiful old panelled glass windows, a large map-decorated wooden table that sits comfortably 10 around it, and abundant stylish anchors, candles, compasses, and various other Pirate Paraphernalia.

Credit: Airbnb

Old trunks around the cabin hold rum and pirate costumes for any visitors who climbed aboard unclad in the ship’s uniform.

There is a bed chamber with a large fluffy bed surrounded by cabin windows and a skylight to stargaze through or to climb out of onto the bow of the boat.

Credit: Airbnb

For travellers or Pirate-fanatics in Auckland, New Zealand looking for a fantastic and unique experience, this Airbnb is a must. While not included in the ship, bathing amenities exist in a small house below the staircase. The Tanglewood Retreat itself is remote but provides easy access to the ocean which enables residents to spend their time surfing at nearby beaches by day and sailing the New Zealand skies by night.

A stay at the beautiful and magical Hinemoana will certainly be at the top of my adventure list when Global travel is once more advisable!

Credit: Airbnb
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