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Lost Cities You’ll Want To Visit When We Can Travel Again

Fancy a getaway that isn’t your back garden?

Coronavirus stopped your travel plans? Looking at these lost cities will help you find inspiration for that first holiday out of the country.

Thousands of trips abroad have been cancelled in the wake of coronavirus. Many of us aren’t even let out of our own homes, let alone out of the country. This hasn’t stopped these cities from being brilliant places to travel to.

While some might prefer a resort, or a tourist-friendly place, where they can see iconic monuments, these places are so out of mainstream, you’ll be convinced you’ve travelled to an alternate reality.

We’ve made a list of some of these spectacular places you’ll want to book a flight to as soon as the pandemic is over.

1. Sukhothai, Thailand


Though Bangkok is now the capital of Thailand, back in the 13th century, it was Sukhothai. It’s rural status now might suggest otherwise, but it’s true!

Sukhothai is home to plenty of ruins, particularly of temples, which you can visit. Many of these temples had lasting impacts on Thai art and culture, which are present to this day.

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