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At Last It’s Possible To Spend Christmas At Hogwarts Thanks To Universal Studios

Merry Christmas ya’ filthy muggle!

Images Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios gives its Harry Potter attraction a Christmas kick in the baubles.

If you’re still sitting in that small, dusty cupboard under the stairs waiting for an owl to show up with an acceptance letter for Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry, stop it! It’s not coming! Secondly, you’re in the way of the ironing board! Thirdly, it’s nearly Christmas time!

But if you really can’t escape the magical world of Harry Potter even for some turkey sandwiches and the Queen’s speech then perhaps there’s a solution. Universal Studios Hollywood has given its ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ attraction a Christmas makeover. Not just a few bits of tinsel and some fake snow here and there either, this is Tinseltown after all.

Between November 24th and January 7th Hogsmeade village gets some seasonal additions in the shape of festive décor, lights, garlands and wreaths. A new holiday menu will be served in the Three Broomsticks where you can have a hot butterbeer or seven then throw up on a passing house elf. Festive music sung by the choir of Hogwarts students accompanied by their very own giant frogs can be enjoyed as you take in the sights.

The pièce de résistance comes in the form of an intricate and dazzling light display on the walls of Hogwarts Castle that overlooks Hogsmeade. Lanterns and owls dance across the castles façade before turning almost completely ice palace blue. George and Fred Weasley even pop up to spread some Christmas consumerism.

So there you have it. Harry Potter and Christmas wrapped up in one tidy bow. If you’re well along in your wizardry skills might I suggest apparition as a means of travel to California? Portkey? Broomstick? Floo powder? Hippogriff perhaps? For muggles it’ll have to be a flight out of Heathrow I’m afraid.

Tell us if you’re jetting off to California for a Hogwarts Xmas in the comments section. Go on, you know you want to gloat a little teenie weeny tiny bit.

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