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Video: ‘Voldemort: Origins’ Movie Trailer Has Harry Potter Fans Falling Off Their Brooms

The Dark Lord returns in this fan-made film.

If only J.K. Rowling would come out with a Harry Potter prequel based on the rise of Voldemort. This fan-made trailer leaves us mudbloods with a speck of hope that one day there will be a Voldemort movie. What made Tom Riddle become the Dark Lord? What happened, in detail, before Voldemort’s first demise? Who knows, but J.K. Rowling probably does.

These are some professional filmmaking fans. Given the success of Rowling’s 126 page book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it would only make sense for her to work on a Voldemort book. There’s so much room for filler before the events of the Dark Lord’s demise. Voldemort is practically begging for a book, almost as much as the fans are.

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Until the future arrives, this fan-made trailer is the best thing out there to a possible Voldemort story. The filmmakers are working on making it into a movie, but maybe Rowling will come out with a book by then for everyone to obsess over. There’s always enough room on a bookshelf for another Harry Potter book. Always.

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