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How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad: TikTok Success Stories and Must-Know Travel Tips

This guide navigates the realm of digital nomadism, shedding light on preferred destinations, co-living accommodations, and the distinctive trials and triumphs inherent in this unconventional way of life.

Digital nomad remote working
(Image credit: Laura Hoffmann/Flickr)

In an era where technology is breaking down the barriers of traditional work environments, a new breed of professionals is emerging—the digital nomads.

These adventurous individuals have mastered the art of blending work with travel. They have created a lifestyle that allows them to explore the world while staying connected to their careers.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of digital nomads, exploring the destinations, co-living spaces, and the unique challenges and triumphs that come with the territory.

The remote revolution

The digital nomad lifestyle has gained popularity in the post-pandemic years as technology has made remote work not just possible but practical. With the rise of high-speed internet, collaborative tools, and a shift in work culture, more people are choosing to break free from the shackles of a traditional office.

Instead, they’re opting for a life where their office is wherever they want it to be—the beach, a bustling city, or a serene mountain retreat.

digital nomadism travel
Work is where the vacation is. (Credit: The Greenhouse London)

From Beachside CEOs to TikTok Gurus

Despite the challenges, many digital nomads find incredible success and fulfillment in their chosen lifestyle. The ability to explore new cultures, meet diverse people, and gain unique experiences enriches both personal and professional lives.

From successful entrepreneurs running their businesses from beachside villas to freelance creatives collaborating with international clients, the digital nomad community is full of inspiring stories.

Let’s take a peek into the #DigitalNomad life from the lens of some of our favorite TikTok creators!

1. Nano Bytes Inc

Meet @NanoBytesInc – not just your average software engineer but a friendly digital nomad and vlogger! Known for his content that focuses on “extreme frugality”, he’s your go-to guide for the ultimate digital nomad experience. Check out his “Escaping Europe” series on TikTok, where he spills the beans on all the nifty tips and tricks for traveling and working remotely.

Join him on a virtual journey through some of Europe’s hidden gems, from the vibrant streets of Macedonia to the breathtaking landscapes of Albania and the fascinating cultural tapestry of Kosovo.

2. Daisy the Digital Nomad

If you’re scrolling through TikTok and stumble upon @daisystraveldiaries, one thing becomes clear—this girl is in perpetual vacation mode! But here’s the cool part: it’s not just about travel envy; Daisy is your go-to source for all things digital nomadism and a whole lot more!

Beyond the breathtaking travel vistas, Daisy dishes out some seriously useful advice on navigating the digital nomad lifestyle. From tackling solo travel safety to breaking down the mysteries of “travel girl math,” she’s got your back on the real talk of life on the road. Oh, and don’t even get her started on the tales of dealing with those travel crushes—we’ve all been there, right?

3. Kelly Hill

Meet the ultimate guide to digital nomad life, @kellyyhill! Kelly is your go-to expert on transforming your 9-5 grind into a globetrotting adventure. With her wealth of knowledge, she makes becoming a digital nomad feel like a thrilling expedition.

From practical tips to exciting anecdotes, Kelly effortlessly blends work and wanderlust, showing that your desk can be anywhere from a bustling city to a serene beach. Follow her journey, and discover how to make your workdays an exploration of new horizons. With @kellyyhill, the transition from office life to a nomadic adventure is not just a dream — it’s a reality!

4. Kristina Cors

@kristinacors, the quintessential #girlboss, seamlessly juggles the art of travel and work, captivating hundreds of thousands on TikTok. Her devoted followers are enchanted by her treasure trove of advice, where travel deals unfold like hidden gems, and the thrill of an adventurous lifestyle takes center stage.

Kristina’s infectious energy turns mundane travel planning into an exciting escapade, making her a sought-after source for those craving a perfect blend of business and wanderlust. Join the legion of followers and let Kristina Cors be your guide to a world where every journey is a grand adventure!


This is for the skeptics and the naysayers. It can be done! My free guide on HOW to start traveling full time is in my bio! #travelbucketlist #digitalnomadgirl #howtotravelfulltime #fulltimetravel #escapethe9to5 #corporateburnout

♬ original sound – habz.fx

5. Jetsetting Jacki

Curious about the less glamorous side of global remote work, like visas and finances? Enter @Jetsettingjackie – your virtual oracle with answers (well, most of them)! Jackie’s candid approach, especially in her hit video breaking down the cost of living in Bali, resonates with authenticity.

Her content cuts through the glamour to reveal the nitty-gritty of the digital nomad lifestyle. Whether it’s visa hurdles or financial planning, Jackie has you covered with insights that go beyond the surface. She’s a go-to source for those seeking the real scoop on the remote work scene!


Cost so far to move to Bali from Australia as a digital nomad! 🇮🇩 This will be my first stop as a digital nomad – I’ll he officially living out of my suitcase and travelling indefinitely 😱 im bloody nervous and excited and I can’t wait to show you all how to do it too! Follow to keep up with my digital nomad and travel tips 👀 #digitalnomad #digitalnomadlife #remotework #remoteworkfromhomejobs #traveltips #movetobali #movetobaliwithme #balitravel

♬ original sound – Jetsetting Jacki | 🌎📍✈️

6. Sunday Travel

Embark on a vicarious global journey with Liz from @sunday_travel, where remote work becomes a passport to extraordinary experiences. From immersing in a Spanish hippie community to embracing the #WhiteLotus life in Sicily, Liz’s adventures redefine the digital nomad narrative. Beyond the captivating visuals, she shares goldmines of knowledge. She offers recommendations on must-have travel apps, alternative Airbnbs, and insightful educational content on diverse cultures.

Basically, Liz doesn’t just traverse the world; she crafts a guidebook for fellow wanderers, making @sunday_travel a treasure trove for those seeking both inspiration and practical tips for their own nomadic escapades.


This year has been all about exploring community – how to create it, where to find it, the value in it, the beauty in it. I’ve loved exploring this world / way of living – it’s such a 180 from my life in the states, yet feels so natural. #coliving #consciousliving #communityliving #community #spain #expats

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