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Google To Release New Headphones Which Can Translate Foreign Languages For You

C’est bien.

Not everyone finds second-language learning a simple task. Some of us are more natural linguists than others, but to be bi or multi lingual is a skill anyone would want. While these headphones can’t teach you how to speak a new language, they can translate a foreign one for you instantly.

Technology is amazing. To think that the internet only came into existence not even 30 years ago, or to remember what phones and computers used to look like in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Technology is advancing more and more rapidly by the second. The latest addition to the insane body of technology we have in 2017 is Google’s translating headphones.

The headphones are supposedly able to translate 40 different languages. I suppose this is a better technique than having to whip out Google Translate, which obviously doesn’t always give you the most accurate results…(So I realised through using it to do half of my French homework in school).

People can also use Google Assistant to interact with others in a foreign language. By ordering their phone to let them speak ‘X’ language, the phone will then translate whatever language has been requested.

How It Works:

This is the first product of its kind, so has been met with some controversy. UkBusinessInsider focuses on the idea that ‘Translation software recognises words, not meaning.’ Essentially, this focuses on the idea that phrases in other languages carry different meanings. For example, when considering idioms or sarcasm- the translation device will not be able to translate this. It’s like even over texting sometimes, when someone’s tone comes across in the wrong way. With two completely different languages, this discrepancy would be much larger.

Either way, the device is extremely impressive. It allows for simple conversations to occur between people of different nationalities in a way that they wouldn’t be able to on their own. While it may not be able to initiate the most in depth, complex conversations, it is certainly a good start and a great idea for anyone who plans to go travelling anytime soon.

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