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Film Tourism Duo Capture Favourite TV Scenes On Location

A Finnish photographer & a travel expert have put together a travel blog of well-known TV show locations.

Photo: Tiia Öhman

A Finnish photographer & a travel expert have put together a travel blog of well-known TV show locations

With the advent of streaming services, it’s become easier than ever to binge watch TV shows almost anywhere you like. If the Wi-Fi is strong enough or you had the foresight to download, you can watch your favourite shows in a lecture, at work, on the loo, in a tree, riding a donkey, the possibilities are endless.

For Finnish photographer Tiia Ohman and travel expert Satu Walden, simply watching their favourite shows wasn’t enough. Their blog, chronicles the duo’s adventures across the globe as they take pictures of locations from their fave shows with an iPad in the shot, carefully lined up to complete the scene. They call the technique ‘sceneframing’.

The ladies have travelled far and wide to snap scenes from big shows such as Arrow, Breaking Bad, Legion, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, The Avengers and even Game of Thrones. So, what exactly is “Sceneframing”? Their blog explains.

“Sceneframing is the heart and soul of Fangirl Quest. We visit filming locations of our favourite shows and movies, and try to align a screenshot from that film with the original background on the actual filming location where that scene was filmed. It’s hard to put into words, so let’s let the photos speak for themselves!”

In a recent interview the pair explained the projects origins and said.

“We took a few photos during a road trip in the UK, we then posted them online and got almost 60,000 shares in just a couple of weeks.”

“Now when we watch a film or a series that we like, we almost always check where it’s filmed”, they told us recently. “We have a long list of places we’d like to visit, especially New Zealand, Spain, South Africa.”

Seems as though we can look forward to seeing more Sceneframing from the duo in future. Not content with being fan girls of all things binge worthy, they have expanded the blog to incorporate travel stories about city stays, nature wonders and other adventure travels. You can check out their blog at or on their Instagram.

Let us know below if you’re geeking out over the girl’s work. Fancy having a go at Sceneframing? Tell us your plans. Until you head off on your Netflix inspired adventures, have a read of this for some more inspiration………

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