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You Can Now Spend A Night In A Druglord’s Mexican Hideaway

Afraid someone might come calling?

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Pablo Escobar.

A man many have heard of.

But how would you like to say that you have stayed at his hide out in Mexican hideout.

This lavish home is dressed to impress and at £375 per night, I would defiantly expect it to be something spectacular.

Casa Malca 2

Casa Malca 3

Casa Malca 13

Escobar was born in Columbia and turned to crime at a young age. Rising in both wealth and crime status he was on the run for the best part of year, managing to avoid a prison cell.

during this time he burned over 1 million dollars to keep warm. I don’t mean ‘burned’ as in spent, but as in, he literally set fire to the money. Now that is got to be a very rich man!

Being so big in the crime world will have meant that he did in deed have lots of money however it also meant that he had lots of enemies.

Tough and ruthless as he was, Escobar killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent people. Meaning that when he went into hiding the was no shortage of people to help with the man hunt.

When eventually Escobar was caught there was a gun fight and although no one knows if the fatal would was self-inflicted or not, the end result was the same.

Escobar was a man determined not to go to prison.

Now the empty hideaway, will be empty no longer!

Perhaps the perfect place for the Stag weekend or maybe even a works party. One to keep an eye out for.

Casa Malca 6Casa Malca 5

Casa Malca 4

Thought this was a cool place to stay? Would you check into this place too?

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