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These 132-step Staircase in South Bronx Has Overnight Become a Touristic Boom, After ‘Joker’ Did a Boogie on It, And Locals Aren’t Happy

Things have gone crazy since the film was released.

Photo by BROTE studio from Pexels

There’s been a number of stairs in the past that had attracted tourists after the movie’s popularity. The Empire rated it as ‘movie of the year’, which received all sorts of truly amazing compliments, so no wonder Joker has made people from all over the world to come over… To take a few shots, record their own dance moves to re-create the scene at the famous 132 grey steps.

Photo by: Instagram somogyi__b
Photo by: Instagram: raylivez

Hell, where is my free ticket to fly over the Atlantic to take a snap of the famous Bronx stairs?  

Situated in South Bronx, the ‘Joker Stairs’ have become as iconic as the Bronx Zoo or the Yankee Stadium, believe it or no. Thanks to the world of Instagram, there have been sufficient number of hashtags for the Highbridge area, where the stairs are connecting Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues. See how some are taking it quite seriously.

Ironically, pretty much anything that receives so much credit, will trigger some sort of a backlash. Unarguably, residents living in the neighbourhood have the right to express their emotions about a sudden influx of visitors just for that posing moment. Some got slightly sarcastic:

Then it got dark:

Then there were egg wars…

Overall, residents are genuinely upset as they think their borough has been exploited and re-branding these kind of neighbourhoods for the fun of the wealthier is irresponsible and can end up dangerous. Like egg wars…

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defended the bloody stairs, man! She’s cool and rather impartial on this one though.

I think I can relate to the residents of the infamous Bronx – imagine living your life as normal, or for instance, having a bad day coming back home up these never-ending steps, suddenly having to face a bunch of overly happy kids in a different pose every few seconds.  

On another hand, it’s a hip of a moment that will hopefully get forgotten about fast enough, as some new trend comes in for the Instagrammers to dedicate their time to. Afterall, imagine living in Paris, Tokyo or London? These cities probably have more tourists than residents, at least it seems so and the residents there must be dealing with a bit more stress than this, do you agree?  

And while we are discussing fun and games here, check out how Joker started to leave the real impact on society, in another part of the world.  

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