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YouTuber Mocks Australian Stereotypes in Hilarious Video!

The racism isn’t as bad as you might think!

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‘Austra-asian, sounds like an alien’

Australia, that place down under with the exotic beaches and those funky Kangaroo’s but what is it like to be an Asian Australian?

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Like any country or culture, we all tend to subscribe to stereotypes. Just like most people think all Scottish people wear Kilts 24/7, most people also assume that all Australians are crocodile fighting, sea surfing beach babes. Yet, what tends to be forgotten is that Australia is a hugely diverse country with ranging races and ethnicities.

Australian YouTuber explains what it is like being an ‘Asian Australian’ in hilarious video:

The video renders numerous stereotypes subscribed to his ethnic group. Although we get a comical sense over the issues, the video does highlight racism and stereotypes. Something which in the current political climate is increasingly consuming tabloids.

Nonetheless the video ends on a high.

So, Shall we just watch it twice for the dreamy accent?

Want to prefect and impress with your own Australian accent? We’ve got you covered mate.

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