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Karaoke for the Lyrically-Challenged: Tiktok’s Funniest New Trend

The no-lyric karaoke trend on Tiktok is a great source of entertainment, reminding us that no one is perfect.


Every so often, a trend rolls around on Tiktok that lets Internet users make complete fools of themselves, their friends, and any other poor soul who gets dragged along for the ride. The no-lyric karaoke trend, which has been circulating for a few weeks now, definitely falls into that category–and it has some hilarious results.

On a typical karaoke night, you’d at least get some help with the lyrics, whether they’re displayed on a computer, a television, or even your phone. But in this new Tiktok challenge, all assistance goes out the window!

While scrolling through this challenge, you’ll find loads of willing victims in the karaoke hot seat. The viewer can see the lyrics, but the singer can’t. This challenges them to see how well they really know the words to some of pop music’s greatest hits. Challenge songs include Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” Vance Joy’s “Riptide,” Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” and just about anything else the participants can think of.

Tiktok’s Funniest Videos

The friends in the above video took a look at their top songs for Spotify Wrapped 2022. Both of them got exposed for just mumbling along, or making up words that didn’t quite make sense. Maybe they need a few more listening hours! This Tiktok trend definitely exposes the percentage of the population that have just been making it up as they go along.


it progressively got worse and worse

♬ original sound – em and loz 🤍

Users like @emandloz made the trend a partner activity! This can be fun with friends that know each other particularly well, and can pick out those select songs that they know will be an extra-hard challenge for the other. As you can see in this Tiktok, confidence is key–even if you’re completely wrong!

Adding a voice filter makes things much funnier, as seen on @maialsilva ‘s page. The comment section is full of jokes, such as “I want what she’s on” and “This ain’t Hey There Delilah, it’s Alright Debbie.” Other commenters eagerly tag their friends, ready to hop on the trend and spend some quality time together.

Additionally, @kimbobimbos got extra creative, making the choice of song a complete surprise. This adds an extra level of challenge to the trend, as the participants have to be ready to think on their feet! Some songs went better than others, but either way, there’s still a lot of mistakes to be made.

To see more examples, click here.

Try It Out For Yourself!

If this trend catches your attention, consider trying it for yourself! Tiktok trends come and go pretty quickly, so you might need to hop on fast. This is a fun one for sure, because it shows and embraces that silly side in all of us. It’s important to realize that nobody’s perfect, and everyone has flubbed a song lyric or two!

So grab your computer, and pick a friend, family member, or whoever you want! Maybe you know someone who’s extra lyrically-challenged, or you just want to test your own skills. Overall, this trend is easy and fun to follow. In other words, anyone can do it!

Bored on a Friday night? Try karaoke!

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