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Is Brooke Schofield Social Media’s Newest “It Girl?”

Who is influencer Brooke Schofield and how has she risen to fame?

Illustration by Vanessa Ho

Through social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, there’s always a new “it girl” coming into the scene.

An ‘it girl’ is best described as the newest and coolest girl on the internet. She’s the kind of girl everyone is obsessed with, and they also may be able to relate to.

Once a typical college student and restaurant hostess, 27-year-old Brooke Schofield has been making headlines. She and her friend Tana Mongeau host the popular podcast “Canceled.” 

Before fame

Schofield grew up in Chandler, Arizona, and went to college at the University of Arizona. While she didn’t graduate college, Schofield admitted that she only had one semester to go until graduation.

Schofield revealed that she had a bit of a rough childhood. She explained she had to move into her grandparents’ house because her mother was an addict.

When she moved to Los Angeles, Schofield worked at an infamous restaurant known as “Catch.” The restaurant was a hotspot for influencers and celebrities.

Schofield tried acting before her rise to fame. In a recent interview with Business Insider, Schofield said she dreamed of fame in terms of her attempts at acting. 

While she made little cameos here and there in movies, she never received the acting career she wanted. Schofield’s cameos were as background ensemble characters and in small projects.

Rise to fame

Schofield got her start on social media when she befriended influencer Tana Mongeau. Their podcast currently has 2.21 million subscribers on YouTube. The duo have been on a sold-out world tour this year promoting their podcast. 

Since the rise of the podcast’s popularity, Schofield’s been cast as the new “it girl” for her fashion sense, beauty, and overall personality.

Recent happenings with Schofield

Now, it’s clear she’s reached a high level of fame, her views and followers rising up in numbers. 

Schofield has 633 thousand followers on Instagram and 187 thousand subscribers on YouTube. 

Schofield has been making headlines with her features in various articles all over the internet. Add this to the number of times her name has been mentioned online, and it’s clear she is loved.

In addition to her own podcast and following her rise to fame, Schofield has been on other podcasts. Some popular ones include“Pretty Basic Podcast,” “Long Winded with Gabby Windey,” and “Just Trish Podcast.” 

It’s not all perfect

Like any internet personality or celebrity, Schofield also received a lot of backlash for sharing her life on the internet.

In an interview with Bussiness Insider, Schofield discussed how she’s faced hate comments online and now tries to avoid them.

Schofield has also been upfront about her struggles with borderline personality disorder. She’s brought awareness to the difficulties she and other people face in terms of challenges with mental health.

I think a lot of viewers and followers of Schofield find her honesty about mental health extremely comforting. Mental health disorders are often stigmatized so this is a significant part of Schofield’s presence.

Schofield is quite honest about her childhood. She has a troubled relationship with her family but is in communication with them, this has led her to be careful talking too much about her family.

What makes Schofield so special?

Schofield is loved for her honesty and being a girl’s girl. She is also known for her fashion sense, humor, and beauty.

Many people online have praised her for her honesty about hardships in life.

Her on-trend fashion sense is seen on her Instagram, with her aesthetically pleasing and Pinterest-worthy outfits.

Schofield is known for her funny commentary on the “Canceled” podcast, with her quick wit.

The “Canceled” podcast

As someone who was not aware of who Schofield was until about 6 months ago, I’m now captivated by her fashion and have been loving the “Canceled” podcast. I find myself putting it on often and looking for new episodes. 

The “Canceled” podcast started in 2021 and is a highly entertaining podcast in which co-stars Schofield and Mongeou discuss what’s going on in their lives (especially love lives), their childhood traumas, and pop culture events.

As Schofield had a troubled childhood due to having a mother who struggled with addiction, she’s been very open with her audience, and I have to believe this is the kind of content people appreciate due to its honesty.

The podcast also brings on many celebrity guests. Most recently, the pair had singer Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie on the podcast.

I think what’s so special about this podcast is how candid and refreshing it is. 

Earlier last year, In December 2023, Schofield was romantically linked to Matt Rife, a “Canceled” podcast guest, and a well-known comedian who Schofield called out for dating a plethora of women at the same time he was “dating” her. 

Schofield has also discussed her relationship with Clinton Kane, who Schofield claimed told her his brother, mother, and father had died. Kane was exposed for lying about his family’s death by Schofield. Schofield also claimed that Kane faked an Australian accent.

In a world where many influencers aren’t honest and real, I think this is the kind of honesty and entertainment that the “Canceled” podcast provides. 

Schofield’s influence on fashion

Schofield is highly fashionable, as she often wears popular clothing brands such as ALO Yoga and Artizia.

Not only are regular consumers infatuated with Schofield, but influencers are too. Fellow internet personality Trisha Paytas admitted on an episode of her podcast that she tried to find Schofield’s different outfits online as she wanted to dress just like her.

Schofield has also been in a brand deal with “White Fox,” an Instagram-famous clothing brand which caters to teens and young women in their 20s. 

I began to notice Schofield’s influence when I found myself purchasing a “White Fox” hoodie, as well as earrings which are dupes of hers. 

It’s clear I’m not the only one influenced by Schofield, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning of her fame.

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