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Brooke Schofield Exposes Matt Rife On the Cancelled Podcast and the Internet is Here for It

Is the “uncancellable” Matt Rife finally cancelled?

YouTube/CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau

Matt Rife is no stranger to controversy; he’s a comedian! The self-proclaimed “uncancelable” internet star has found himself to be the subject of many negative comments and articles. This is a result of the jokes he had made in his Netflix special, Matt Rife: Natural Selection, about domestic violence. Some are saying that Matt Rife has finally been canceled.

After being called out, Rife posted an Instagram story. He captioned it, “If you’ve ever been offended by a joke I’ve told — here’s a link to my official apology.” The link titled, “Tap to solve your problem” led to a site selling protective helmets for children with special needs. Needless to say, this sparked even more of an outrage.

Naturally, internet personalities everywhere shared their thoughts on the situation. Many eyes turned to the hosts of the CANCELLED podcast, Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield. Matt Rife was previously a guest on an episode ironically titled “Matt Rife On Why He’ll Never Be Cancelled”. Clips from this podcast episode began to resurface and go viral. This left the internet begging the co-hosts to share their thoughts.

Brooke Schofield Defends Matt Rife

Mongeau and Schofield quickly responded to fans’ requests, releasing the podcast episode “Matt Rife is CANCELLED… again”. However, their response to the drama was not what anyone was expecting. Brooke Schofield wholeheartedly defended Matt Rife in a way that had viewers slightly confused.

When the topic of conversation transitions to Matt Rife’s scandal, Schofield nervously tells Mongeau, “This one’s scary.” The two talk about various things regarding Matt Rife’s “cancellation.” The way both of them approached the topic felt a little different from how they normally would. It seemed like the two were holding back.

They were carefully choosing their words when speaking about him. A lot of attention was put on Brooke Schofield, who was very hesitant to say anything negative about Matt Rife. She was loosely defending him throughout the entirety of the conversation despite her cohost trying to hold him accountable. Fans of the podcast were left confused and took to X with many questions about Brooke’s defensiveness over Matt Rife.

Her fans’ questions were not left unanswered for very long. A few days after Brooke defended Matt Rife on Cancelled, she tweeted, “I take back every time I have ever defended a man EVER for I have always been wrong.” Three days after this tweet was posted, Schofield and Mongeau dropped a bombshell of a podcast episode exposing Matt Rife.

Matt Rife Revealed as Mr. DC

Schofield introduces the topic by talking about Trisha Paytas’ reaction to Matt Rife’s controversy. Trisha Paytas is a close friend to both Schofield and Mongeau. She voices her fear of disappointing Paytas with her defending Rife in the previous episode. Mongeau expresses her excitement that Schofield is finally revealing why she acted the way she was about Matt Rife. She notes multiple times that she has disliked him for a while now.

Brooke speaks about how she has been getting backlash on the internet for being a “Matt Rife apologist.” Tana says that although she has always had negative feelings toward Matt Rife, she never wanted to express them because she wanted to respect Brooke’s need to protect him; “I have never been an apologist of him, I’m just I’m gonna ride for my girl.”

Despite knowing she was gonna get hate for it, Schofield went into that podcast episode feeling like she had to speak on the subject. She felt like she knew him as a person rather than as a person and thought he was too great of a person to deserve all of the negativity that he was receiving. She interrupts this explanation of her behavior to add the context that Matt Rife is Mr. DC.

Matt Rife on the Cancelled podcast
Matt Rife on the Cancelled podcast

For committed CANCELLED listeners, this statement alone was a huge reveal. In an attempt to not cause issues in their personal lives, Tana and Brooke often use fake names when telling stories. Mr. DC has been the main character of multiple stories that Brooke has told on the podcast. The most notable one was about finding out that one of the nudes he had sent her while sexting had been Facetuned. She had an unlabeled relationship with him.

Schofield and Rife’s Relationship

Schofield says that the relationship was not very serious, but they were not just hooking up and she had real feelings for him. She even says that most of the conversations that implied any seriousness to the relationship were initiated by him. From the way Schofield spoke about him, she thought the world of him.

Brooke continues to highlight different points where she felt wronged in the relationship. After flying across the country to see him, he arrived in LA and claimed to have no time to visit her, even though they were neighbors. She went to one of his shows, and after telling her he would be over to see her afterward, he never showed up. She felt very frustrated with the situation and voiced her feelings about it to him. He explained to her that he did not have time for a real relationship with her.

Schofield felt like Rife ended things very respectfully and did not have any ill feelings about him afterward. She continued to be a silent supporter of him from afar. When his Netflix special was released, she was very proud of him knowing that one of his biggest dreams had come true. She felt sorry for him after seeing all of the negativity he was receiving from it and while still looking at him through rose-colored glasses, felt the need to defend him.

Schofield Finds Out About Rife’s Other Relationships

Shortly after Brooke voiced her feelings toward the Netflix special situation, she was tagged in a TikTok of a girl posting pictures of her and Matt Rife. In the comments, the girl had posted, “Relax guys, this was at the beginning of this year.” This was the same time that Matt Rife and Brooke Schofield’s relationship had taken place.

After private messaging, the girl who had posted the TikTok, Schofield was put into a group chat by her. The group chat was full of other girls who were also having relationships with Matt Rife around the same time. During the time of Schofield and Rife’s relationship, he was telling her he did not want her talking to other guys or even hanging out with her guy friends.

Matt Rife in his self-produced comedy special, "Matthew Steven Rife”.
Matt Rife in his self-produced comedy special, “Matthew Steven Rife.”

The Stiff Socks Podcast

Schofield continues to talk about various things that Matt Rife did during their relationship that she dismissed. Mainly what he said on the Stiff Socks podcast. Matt Rife made multiple demeaning comments about women’s bodies. This was the main topic of another controversy he faced.

Rife stated that he is disgusted by girls with outie vaginas because it looks like “God left the tag on them.” TMI alert… Schofield has an outie vagina. He also said that his type is girls with blonde hair and fake boobs. Schofield has neither of these things. To make matters worse, Rife had been with Schofield the night before he went on the podcast.

Matt Rife’s Response

In a satisfying end to this drama, Schofield shared on Instagram a screenshot of a text message reading, “Brooke, this is MR”. Brooke responded with the same link that Rife posted in his “apology” after his scandal. The comment section of the post is filled with support and love and girls all over the internet are coming out about their own bad experiences with Matt Rife. Although Matt Rife might not be officially ‘canceled,’ it is safe to say the majority of the internet is definitely Team Brooke.

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