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Don Lewis’s Granddaughter Gives Joe Exotic A Special Shoutout Through TikTok

The relative of Carole Baskins’ ex-husband lets people know how she really feels.

With most of the United States cooped up in their homes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, television has become a saving grace for many. As people wait for this time of quarantine to pass, millions have gravitated towards Netflix’s docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

There is plenty that goes along with the seven-part series (trust me), but one key takeaway for many is the fact that millionaire Don Lewis may have been killed by his then wife at the time, Carole Baskin. The debate has raged on, but one person who definitely buys into the hype is Lewis’s granddaughter Tiffany, who thanked Joe Exotic on TikTok for hiring a hitman to takedown the aforementioned Baskin.

First off, if you haven’t seen Tiger King, go watch it. You have plenty of time on your hands and the story is truly insane. But back to the topic of Don Lewis and Baskin. There is no way Baskin did not kill Lewis. I am no detective but as you watch the series, there are too many hints for me to think, that it is nonsense.

Adding on to Tiffany’s TikTok, there are multiple family members in the series that also think Baskin ended the life of her ex-husband. Apparently the Florida Police agree, considering they have decided to re-open the case of Lewis’s disappearance

Still, I wouldn’t condone the actions of the now famous Joe Exotic for putting a bounty on the head of Baskin. I mean, holy bologna it isn’t like Joe Exotic is in the right for trying to get someone killed. 

Either way, both Exotic and Baskin are lunatics. Like the start of the documentary says, “big cat people” are nuts. I definitely believe that after watching the unbelievable story of the feud between Exotic, Baskin, and others.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons / State of Florida 

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