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“Cbat”: The Reddit Story That Made A Song Go Viral

What is “Cbat” and why is it going viral?

Graphic by Jordan Ashe, Image Credits (from left to right): coolchick1003/TikTok, blonde_bimbo26/TikTok, thehannahmichelle/TikTok

A man on Reddit posted a story regarding the lack of satisfaction for his girlfriend in their sex life. For two years, the Redditor consistently played the song “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke during sex, which made sex uncomfortable for his girlfriend. This has since sparked a viral meme on TikTok. What happened here, and how did “Cbat” become a viral song?

While Reddit can be a place for informational spread, it can also be a platform for the rise of memes. This has proved true on TikTok over the last two weeks, with the increase of the jokes surrounding the song “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke. After Reddit user ‘TylerLife’ posted a story regarding his and his girlfriend’s sex-life issues, listeners and meme-makers haven’t been able to get enough of the song. The question is: what is this story, and why has “Cbat” gone viral because of it?

The Story Posted on Reddit

On Reddit, the user ‘TylerLife’ posted a story on the r/tifu (Today I F**ked Up) tab. Titled “My (20F) girlfriend of two years told me the music that I (25M) play during sex is weird and a major turn-off,” the story details the poster’s sexual issues with his girlfriend. The Redditor discusses a playlist he made to improve his sexual performance, as he would thrust to the songs on the playlist. He had sex with his girlfriend to this playlist for two years until she finally told him his playlist was a major turn-off.

She emphasized that the song “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke was especially awful. The poster detailed how awkward this has made their sex life since. According to the Redditor, he thrust along to the song in his head, which his girlfriend recognized and asked him to stop. This story and the song discussed soon became a major discourse on TikTok.

The Blow Up on TikTok

While this story was initially posted on Reddit, it only started gaining traction once it was posted on TikTok. An account by the name of @redditrave on TikTok reposted the story onto their TikTok with the song “Cbat.” This post eventually amassed 33.9 million views, 3.5 million likes, and over 100 thousand comments. This post further resulted in the original post of the story on Reddit receiving 135 thousand upvotes and 5.1 thousand comments.


“Cbat”: The Memes

With this post of the Reddit story on TikTok came many memes. Most people posted TikToks with the song that the story discussed, “Cbat.” Many posts show sympathy for the girl who dealt with this song for two years. The app unanimously decided that “Cbat” was not a good song. Users of TikTok further agreed that the girlfriend must have heard it a lot if she recognized her boyfriend’s thrusting pattern without the music.

Another point of the story that became a meme and point of discourse on TikTok was how the Redditor made love to the song. TikTok users have made memes wondering how the man thrust to “Cbat.” It has become a debate as to whether the Redditor was thrusting to the song’s beat or the melody. The original poster has not commented on this, so we may never have that answer.


Send help I am obsessed with this story #cbat #tifu #reddit #redditstory

♬ Cbat – Hudson Mohawke

The Aftermath of the Story

The trends on TikTok have led to the creation of fake TikTok Accounts. People have pretended to be the man who posted the original Reddit story and the creator of the song “Cbat,” Hudson Mohawke. Since the song and story went viral, the original Redditor ‘TylerLife’ has posted an update titled “Posting on Reddit about our sex life with CBAT and now our relationship has ended.”

In the update, he tells how his girlfriend’s younger sister found the Reddit post, recognized that it was him because he had shown them the song “Cbat” before, and showed his girlfriend’s parents. This made things very awkward, and now the Redditor and his girlfriend are separated. The update received 51.2 thousand upvotes and 2.1 thousand comments. In the end, what have we learned from this story? Simple. TikTok has the power to make any song popular. Also, if you write about your sex life online, do it under a pseudonym.

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Ashe is a writer based out of several locations in Florida. In her freetime, Ashe enjoys listening to music, painting, and writing pieces that inspire thought.

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