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Cast Member of ‘Stranger Things’ Gives Unsuspecting Teen Happiest Birthday Present Ever

Take that, Demogorgons!

Image: ayenalamba via Bored Panda

What happens when all your friends bail on your Stranger Things-themed birthday party? Millie Bobby Brown tweets you asking for an invite instead.

For his recent birthday, Aaron Alambat decided to create a party centered on his favorite TV series: Stranger Things. Aaron had all the makings of a great Hawkins party: “Demogorgon blood” fruit punch, a themed cake, and even colorful lights strung to the walls.

Sadly, however, every one of the eight classmates Aaron invited was a no-show. Ayen, Aaron’s older sister, took to Twitter to show just what Aaron’s “friends” were missing.

Talk about a clap back!

Yet it wasn’t long until Aaron received perhaps the best present of all. Thanks to the Internet, Ayen’s post garnered almost 300,000 likes. The tweet then found its way onto the timelines of the Stranger Things’ cast. Millie Bobby Brown (who plays Eleven), responded to Ayen’s tweet asking for an invite to next year’s party. Gaten Matarazzo (who plays Dustin) quickly followed suit, promising to bring chocolate pudding next time.

Though Aaron didn’t have the support of his friends on his birthday, he was noticed by some of TV’s most well loved stars. Definitely a better surprise.

For those worried how the rest of Aaron’s birthday went, Ayen again let Twitter know the outcome of the day noting that he was surrounded by loved ones and plenty of people to sing him “Happy Birthday”.

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