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Athletes Go Viral on TikTok for Showing A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Olympic Village

Have you recently thought about what life is really like inside the Olympic Village in Tokyo? Fortunately, no one needs to train to become an athlete to find out! Olympic contestants are eager to show you on TikTok.

Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson/Flickr

Have you recently thought about what life is really like inside the Olympic Village in Tokyo? Fortunately, no one needs to train to become an athlete to find out! Olympic contestants are eager to show you on TikTok. 

Due to the pandemic, the postponed Olympics in Tokyo are not opening their doors to spectators. Thus, you might think that reading the news and watching TV are the only ways to connect with the world’s most-watched sports games. However, since the Olympics started with the July 23 ceremony, the games became more reachable than ever. Indeed, athletes on TikTok bring fans safely closer to the action and behind its scenes! That’s what we all yearn for, isn’t it?

With thousands of athletes from around the world joined together in Tokyo, it’s natural to ask whether they can socialize despite the social distancing protocols in place. Cody Melphy, a player on the USA Rugby Team, shared a video from an entertainment center where athletes can play arcade games, table tennis, and even tune into the Games themselves. Furthermore, Cody shared videos from other venues like the Olympics’ free hair saloon, recovery center, gyms, Olympics Shop, or even a custom shoes store.

Yes we talk to each other! But sometimes we can’t because of language barrier!

Credit: @codymelphy/TikTok

Now you might think, “Wow, there’s a lot of stuff to do; how do they get around?” Tom Daley, a British diver, shot a video guide in the Olympics village, introducing astonishingly self-serving buses. On the other hand, all the buildings are connected by underground tunnels anyway. One can also easily take one of the bikes available at every corner.

Olympic Balanced Diet

Several athletes have also given inside looks at the jaw-dropping dining hall, which offers global cuisine and caters to all sorts of dietary needs. Inside, every athlete has to follow strict rules: one always has to sanitize their hands, use gloves, sit at a shielded table, and eat just for 10 minutes before putting on a fresh mask and leaving.

Kelsey Marie Robinson, a Team USA Volleyball player, showed herself on TikTok eating with her teammates. She savored steak, salmon, salad, peaches with melon, fried calamari, a seaweed rice ball, vegetable tempura, and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Her verdict? 10/10.

Anti-sex Beds?

Each country has its housing, so athletes from different countries do not share rooms. The complex reportedly includes some 3,600 rooms for 11,000 athletes. Each bedroom has two beds, and a crisscrossing wood beam flourishes the decor. You might have heard about the “anti-sex” cardboard beds. Is it true? Ben Wanger, a baseball player on the Israeli Olympics team, debunked these rumors by uploading a video to his TikTok. He tries to find out how many Olympics athletes it takes to break the Olympic cardboard bed. The answer is nine! So, unless one plans to have excessive orgies, all should be fine.


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Social media has made “normal” life possible during the pandemic. Thanks to TikTok and other platforms, we are all able to connect on new levels and even see places we would normally have not been able to see, e.g., the Olympic Village. Will these videos become a nice new tradition and stay during the next Olympic Games in Paris, 2024? Hopefully, yes! 

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