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Are You Sure They Want You? According To TikTok

Having a crush on someone is difficult enough. You’re left to decipher if they like you back. Here’s what TikTok has to say about it.

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If you have a new crush, you may be wondering whether or not they like you back. TikTok has a lot to say about whether or not they want you.

With TikTok’s rise in users, many of them have chosen to post about life advice. An ongoing question people are often seeking an answer to is: Are they interested in me too?

You see someone at the bar, or a party, or on social media, and you wonder if they are just as interested in you as you are into them. Wondering is only natural, but being too anxious to ask up front is just as natural.

The search for a crush

There are a multitude of ways you can meet new people. The most common way to meet someone at the moment is to use dating apps, or find someone while scrolling on social media.

Although that might be the easiest way to find someone you’re interested in, it might not be the most practical. There’s a chance the person who caught your eye might be living far away, or they may be catfishing. There is always that possibility.

People on TikTok have caught on to these issues, and they decided the best way to go about finding someone is by meeting them organically.


let’s try this again 🫣

♬ Idea 22 – Gibran Alcocer

As odd of a term as it is, meeting someone organically is simply being out and about in public, like the grocery store, or at a coffee shop. Once you’re there, you scope the scenery to find any potential prospects and hope they come up to you and ask for your number.

Typically, people will go places, other than work, with their makeup done, hair done, and in a cute outfit by themselves. They do this in hopes of meeting someone face to face rather than in Instagram or dating apps.

Social media is no longer an easy place to meet people. Oftentimes, people are on dating apps for hookups, or for little flings. It’s also a lot harder to figure out the person if you meet them online before you see them in person. That’s the same thing for Instagram or any other social media platform.

Meeting someone in person may seem more nerve-wracking, but in the end, it’s more worth it.

@baldymcbackup I like them angry #fyp #fypシ #viral ♬ Ain't It Fun – Paramore

A funny trend on TikTok is when someone gets a fresh haircut and all of a sudden they need to run errands. That is a way of meeting someone organically.

This trend shows how if you look good enough, you’ll be able to find someone out in public. Whether or not people end up coming up to them, at least they will be the center of attention.

Here’s what TikTok has to say about it

There are a number of creators who give valued advice on how to tell if someone’s interested in you. Now that you have caught someone’s eye, figuring out if they like you back is the real struggle.


How to know if she’s flirting or being friendly 👀 #chloetayloruk #datingadvice #flirtinghack

♬ original sound – Chloe Taylor

There are a few subtle hints that indicate someone is interested in you. If you’re wondering if they want you, look for these signs. Creator Chloe Taylor makes great points on how to tell if she is interested in you, or if she’s simply being friendly.

One of the best ways to tell if someone wants you is to observe how they act in a group setting. You want to see how she acts around other people and compare her actions to how she acts around you.

Another strong indicator is if the person you want doesn’t choose to hang out with you one-on-one. If the default hangout setting is a group one, there’s a strong chance they might not feel the same as you.

If you realize they nearly never compliment your appearance, there’s a high chance they’re being friendly. Take note that complimenting you back after you’ve given them a compliment doesn’t count.

Do they want you through text?

But, if you don’t see this person enough and you exchange text messages with them, there’s also a way to decipher the conversation.


Replying to @🌙LiloHermit🌙 So you’re texting and you wanna know, does this guy even like me? 🤔 I got you! In this video, I share so many ways to know that I lost count. Save this one to come back to! #flirttok #flirting #dating #datingadvice #datingtips #datinglife #doeshelikeme #lgbt #gay #crush #romance #texting #fyp #fypシ #fypシ゚viral

♬ original sound – Benjamin, theFlirtCoach

TikTok creator Benjamin Camras makes great points on how to tell if they want you back through their texts.

The main thing to look for in their way of messaging you is consistency. You want to make sure they aren’t sending you texts once a day or less. If they are, sorry to break it to you, but chances are they aren’t interested. It’s important to pay attention to the way they respond as well. If they give you one-word answers, short and boring responses, or not asking questions back, then are you sure they want you?

Look out for their availability. You might start a conversation with them and they might not be able to continue it. Make sure that they are letting you know that they aren’t currently available to talk. It doesn’t end there. They should then reach out to you again when they are available. If they do these things, then are you sure they want you?

Carolyn Steber and Lexi Inks, in their article on clues to know if your crush likes you through text, back up all of Benjamin Camras’s points on how to decipher their text messages.

You can really tell when someone is interested in you when you go to them with a problem, and they see if you need help. Mindlessly ranting about the hard day you’re having, or all the homework you have to do is normal. When the other person goes out of their way to offer help is a huge indicator that they probably are interested.

Final thoughts

Being interested in someone can be quite difficult to deal with. Especially when you’re trying to figure out whether they like you back or not. There is a lot of general advice that can be given, but something important to keep in mind is that everyone’s different.

Take this information with a grain of salt. No one’s the same when it comes to their ways of showing someone they want them. Their reactions to certain things may not mean what you think. If you start to get a strong hint, don’t hesitate to make your intentions clear as well. You don’t want to act upon anything when you read it all wrong.

If you’re hurting because your crush doesn’t like you back, read this article to restore your faith in love again.

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