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Sink Sh*tting Trend Has Grassroots Movement in Sweden

The latest weird craze to sweep Sweden.

Christmas poop, courtesy of Stockholm Police Officers and the Vice.

Some Christmas Poo is stirring up trouble in Sweden. This small wave of trending shit began a week after reports of people defecating on a church floor in Stockholm. The masterminds behind a recent Christmas poop are the Stockholm police. The officers had a Christmas party and several officers were very drunk, according to Vice. They left behind a stinky culprit in a bathroom sink a long with used condoms at the scene of the party. Talk about a shindig.

The party was held at a restaurant and the staff had a hard time getting the drunken officers to leave. However these partiers took their off duty shenanigans back to the office. And not a single trail of shit was found there. Stockholm City’s police commander, Christian Agdur, said everything was in order when he left the party. Yet when dissected this statement is very cryptic given the shitty situation. Luckily, someone did bring up the poop and used condoms in an interview and Agdur said he was “angry and upset.”

The public shitting in Sweden needs to be wiped clean. Also, the Vice reports of churchgoers in Stockholm masturbating, shitting, and attempts of baby snatching. Beware the church in Kristianstad: the floors wreak of debauchery, lust, and attempts at stealing from thy neighbors babies.

If you’re into weirdos pooping on the floor, check out this article on a coffee shop in South Korea that idolizes poop.

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