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Rivals To Brothers In The Religious War In Indonesia

“Truth is never vain it turns strangers into lovers, and enemies to brothers”.

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War separates many people that do not understand how similar their intentions are. The religious war between Christians and Muslims in Ambon, Indonesia is proof of that. Two men who were raised as soldiers to fight in opposing sides of the war become friends to try to instill peace within the nation. According to this article,

In 1999, a religious conflict broke out in Ambon, Indonesia, resulting in some 4000 people losing their lives and and almost 500,000 being displaced or left homeless. The conflict was between the Muslim and the Christian community. Since peace was found, decades later people are still working to bring a bond between the two religious groups.

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You can watch the documentary from the BBC here.

This article states about the boys,

I can not remember how many people I killed, too many, says Ronald Regang (28), once one of the boys who as a mercenary fought in one of the bloodiest religious wars in Indonesia, the leader of Christian children…
Their two now crossed the fate of the rival parties to the therapy.

We were opponents.  We fought one against the other, and who knows, we could also kill each other. Both of us wanted revenge for fallen relatives, but we are all brothers – they look now with disbelief and conclude that they are all the same.

In war torn countries it is hard but you have to stand up for what you believe in, like Malala returning to Pakistan “Without fear”.

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