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Reality TV Star Stephanie Matto Makes $200K Selling Her Jarred Farts

Keep calm and fart on!

Credit: YouTube/Stepanka

YouTuber and TikTok content creator Stephanie Matto reported over $200,000 in earnings in a matter of weeks alone from her business of selling jarred farts. Matto, ex-90-Day-Fiance reality TV star turned Unfiltrd founder, decided to bottle and sell her farts for $500-$1000 each after receiving multiple requests from online users.

“Stepanka,” as she goes by on her myriad social media platforms, calls herself the world’s leading “fartrepreneur,” claiming over $200k worth of farts sold in her short but prolific career thus far.

Credit: YouTube/Stepanka

Matto has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram and 375,000 subscribers on YouTube. Here, Matto documents her business selling farts. She provides followers with insights and glimpses into her life, including “day in the life of fart-girl” videos, where she records her diet––lots of beans, protein shakes, and cabbage––as well as the medical scare that caused her to shift directions in her business.

After a morning prepping for a typical day of fart-producing, Matto reported experiencing severe heartburn and pain. Concerned she was experiencing a cardiac emergency, Matto visited the ER, where she was diagnosed with severe gas pain and professionally advised against continuing her dietary routines to maximize fart production.

After this medical scare, Matto shifted her business strategy to selling farts as NFTs. She launched Fart Jars, the first ever collection of Fart Jar NFTs on which she offers 5,000 Fart Jar NFTs priced at 0.05 Ethereum each (about $200). Matto’s Fart Jar NFTs have real-life redeemable applications, including access to a private Discord channel with Stepanka, Zoom meetings for top token-holders, specialized artwork, and mentorship programs for burgeoning “Fartrepreneurs,” whom Matto calls “Girlbosses.”

Credit: YouTube/STEPANKA

Part of Matto’s goals with Fart Jars is to destigmatize bodily functions in girls, collapsing the narrative which often asserts that women don’t fart or poop. “Today,” she writes, “we are changing the narrative on what women can and can’t do, and on what women should and shouldn’t do! Fart Jars are all about taking ownership of your body, your inner worth, with an added whiff of creative genius.”

“Fart jars are a symbol of feminine power, hope, joy, and lightheartedness in even the darkest times! Keep calm & fart on!” She writes.

Matto first entered mass public consciousness on 90-Day-Fiance, where she was part of the shows first queer couple, engaged to Erika Owens from Australia. After rising to social media popularity, Matto began receiving a barrage of requests from online users––including toenail clippings, used underwear, and even images of her uvula. Farts were one of Matto’s top requests, leading her to bring the idea to reality. She cites the intimacy of the act and sale, without the commitment of a relationship.

Matto also launched content creation platform Unfiltrd in an effort to create a platform, much like OnlyFans, which allows creators to monetize their talents––no matter how unconventional or not-safe-for-work they may be. Self-described as “a fair, user-friendly platform packed with tools to monetize your talents,” Unfiltrd markets itself as an “exclusive and private platform made by creators for creators” which relies on real-time, direct engagement to maximize interaction and profit.

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Makenna Dykstra (she/her) is currently pursuing her M.A. in English Literature at Tulane University in New Orleans. She writes journalism and poetry.

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