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North Koreans Wake Up Daily To Dystopian Music

Not exactly the K-POP we’re used to…

Not exactly the K-POP we're used to...
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It’s no secret North Korea is practically another world. A stuck-in-the-past, isolated, controversial world. As if we need more proof on how strange the country is, here’s something you might not know: North Koreans get a wake up call every morning comprised of eerie music, like something out of a dystopian movie’s soundtrack.

Supposedly, the track echoes across the capital city of Pyongyang in the wee hours of the morning. It could be that the daily event is part of the government’s controlling propaganda techniques.

Listen to the eerie song yourself:

It’s a mystery what exactly the song is and why it plays every morning. However, one source (from Wikipedia, though, so don’t bet on it) speculates that the song is “Ten Human Bombs for Kim Il Sung,” one of many hymns praising the nation’s leader.

Not particularly the type of wake up call I would prefer. But, apparently, complaints on the musical mandate (or any complaints at all) will have citizens headed straight for one of the country’s prison camps.

On second thought, I’ll take the creepy song, thank you very much.

Get a glimpse at what else is going on in North Korea through this YouTuber’s eyes.

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