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Man Takes 450km Walk to Calm Down After Arguing With His Wife

A slight overreaction to a bust-up.

Hermann / Pixabay
Every couple needs a little space sometimes, but going halfway across the country is a bit excessive.

We’ve all been there. When things get heated between you and a partner, it’s perfectly normal to look for some time alone – this man from Italy, however, took things to the extreme.

Over a week ago, the man – who, fortunately for his wife, remains unknown – left for his walk after the couple had a dispute at their home in Como, Northern Italy. 

It’s anybody’s guess what they had an argument about, and it may well have been a case of lockdown claustrophobia that got blown out of proportion. We’re willing to be that it was pretty bad, though, as the man walked a staggering 280km away from his home. 

Here’s the man’s route across the country shown on a map, which makes the walk seem even more astounding. Credit: Google Maps

Caught By Curfew

The 48-year-old eventually made his way Fano, which is a small seaside town on the Adriatic coast – that’s nearly 400 miles from his Alpine residence in Como. The man was approached by the police for breaking the COVID-19 curfew rules, which are enforced from 10pm to 5pm. When he told them his story, they were in disbelief. They searched his name, though, and sure enough, he had been reported missing in Como by his wife a week earlier.

According to local, as cited by The Independent, the man was tired, cold, and hungry, as he hadn’t prepared any food or supplies. He also claims that he didn’t realise quite how far he had walked.

He managed an incredible 40 miles a day on his journey, and was occasionally stopped by strangers who offered him bits of food. The man assured the police that, despite the ordeal, he was ‘fine, just a little tired’.

When his wife finally came to pick him up, she confirmed the entire story. His escapade didn’t just land the man in trouble with his wife, though – the police rubbed salt in the wounds by fining him €400 for breaking the curfew, which she had to pay for. 

We’re hoping they’ll work things out eventually, or he might end up in a different continent.

If, like this man, you’ve got a taste for European travel, check out these amazing destinations to visit when coronavirus dies down.

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