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Louis Theroux’s Twitter Bot Invents Unimaginable Documentary Ideas

The highest level of fandom there is.

The highest level of fandom there is.

You know you’ve reached a peak in your career when some random fan on Twitter cunningly creates a page for you, and not just some regular old fan page equipped with the thousands of fangirls. 

Meet the Louis Theroux Bot (@LouisTherouxBot), whose sole purpose is to come up with the most fantastical-sounding documentary ideas. It’s not like Louis Theroux himself needs any help coming up with ideas. He’s already brought us documentaries on everything from political radicals to drug addicts to pimps, prostitutes and prisoners.

The Louis Theroux Bot gained so much attention on Twitter that the real Louis Theroux tweeted that he would read one of the bot’s ideas in his real voice, if it got enough retweets. It goes without saying that fans jumped on this, retweeting the Bot’s idea over 31,000 times.

Here’s Louis keeping his promise:

I don’t know how something can sound so random yet so well put together. Here are some more genius ideas from the Louis Theroux Bot:

Who knows? Maybe the real Louis Theroux will consider making one of these into one of his classic documentaries. We can only hope.

The Louis Theroux Bot is not the only thing that’s been spawned from Louis fandom. Check out this Girl Who Traveled the World with Louis Theroux’s Face.

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