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According To Forbes – Lil Pump and Billie Eilish Are Among 2019’s Most Influential People

Bill Gates who? Warren Buffet who? This list isn’t just your average list.

Every year, the financial magazine, Forbes publishes their list of the most influential celebrities, starting with stars under thirty. The business magazine grouped together with people who were full of promise and will be impossible for you to overlook. Among the young people, there’s another category for younger celebrities, some of which are teenagers.

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Who made the influential list who are still teenagers? Billie Eilish, who just turned 17, made the list after she topped the charts for several weeks with the album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. Along with Eilish, Grace Vanderwaal, who is only 14, won America’s Got Talent in 2016 with and has received 8 million subscribers and 675 million views of her first album. Impressive for these young music artists that will be set for life due to their success.

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Forbes – Who else made the influential list? Rapper Lil Pump, aged 18, made the list, along with Post Malone, aged 23, and 21 Savage, aged 26. This should satisfy hip-hop lovers because they complained that not a single rapper made TIME magazine’s list of the top 100 celebrities in 2019. If you have worked hard for your success, you deserve to be on any list that a publication sees fit, rapper or not.

Whether you’re young or old, making an influential list is a big deal for the success and hard work that you’ve put yourself through. These type of list should serve as motivation for people who want to make in either Hollywood or the Music industry. Who knows, some might make the list before they graduate high school and universities.

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