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How Gen-Z Are Turning to Using LinkedIn to Find Love

Gen-Z are using alternative ways to find love.

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Dating apps have been such a prevalent tool in the modern dating scene. Today, it is seen as a necessity for single people seeking a partner and for people who are looking for casual encounters. This is especially true for Gen-Z’s as they are the ones who have predominantly used apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge to look for someone who they deem fit their current needs.

According to Vogels and McClain, younger adults under 30 in the U.S. reported having used or are currently using dating apps much more compared to other age groups. Tinder is the most popular among them, having 79% of its users between the ages of 18 to 29. However, a new site is on the rise to be one of the most popular ways to meet people, and it’s not even a dating app.

LinkedIn is a website that fosters business communities while allowing people to network with each other and, in a more current sense, to seek future partners. There is a trend amongst young adults to use LinkedIn as an opportunity to meet specific people they desire. It has allowed them to view people’s profiles more honestly because profiles act as a resume for people to see.


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But why LinkedIn?

Because of LinkedIn’s nature, most users would write their profiles with more honesty. Since the website is essentially about publishing a public resume, most of the people who list their achievements, work history, and schools they have graduated from will be truthful since they want to be able to build their rapport from seeking employers.

However, if a profile can be suspected of having false information, it can easily be checked by looking at the number of connections they have, reverse searching their images, or if their work history and education contain some misalignments. For people who have certain requirements that they would want for their partner career-wise, LinkedIn has a filter option that can help look for a person’s unique preference.

If a person would want their partner to make a certain amount of income, LinkedIn has a way for them to search the salary of the occupation of the person they want to pursue. Moreover, it also has a way to filter out specific educational achievements. Whether it be a bachelor’s degree, a master’s, or even a PhD, LinkedIn will be able to curate someone’s education achievement preferences. 


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Since LinkedIn is predominantly used for networking and for people to attract as many possible employers to their profile, most of the conversations that will be exchanged in private messages are going to be about related topics. However, a person must be really interested enough to deviate from the work-related conversation to express their interest to another person and ask them out for a date.

This indicates how their intentions are much clearer when it comes to wanting a relationship since it can get muddled in dating apps about what they are currently looking for. Some just want a hookup or casual meet-up and are usually unclear about their needs. 

Success stories

People have already shared their success stories from seeking out suitable partners on LinkedIn. This couple on TikTok was asked questions about their relationship history by a street interviewer. They recount their story about how they reconnected through LinkedIn after college, and ever since their encounter, they have been together for four and a half years.

Other users on TikTok and X have also shared how they have met their partners through LinkedIn. They give details on how they were able to meet their current partners by giving advice on how to use the platform for dating and sharing how their conversations escalated above work talk. Users have also made posts about encouraging other people to make the transition to LinkedIn if they want to meet better people.

Although Gen-Z has been currently using the website as a way to find love, LinkedIn does not allow people to make romantic advances to other users on their platform. They have clearly stated in their policy that they do not allow “unwanted expressions of attraction, desire, requests for a romantic relationship, marriage proposals, sexual advances or innuendo, or lewd remarks. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, not a dating site.”

A reflection of Gen-Z

Using LinkedIn as a platform to seek love serves as a reflection of Gen-Z. They have yearned for someone better than the people they have met on dating apps. They are tired of the mixed signals they receive from other people and would want to seek connections that are in accordance with their taste.

LinkedIn is just another website they use to feed their desperate need to find a partner. Once LinkedIn cracks down on this epidemic of using it to date, or if they get bored, they will find another platform they can use to find a potential match.

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