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Half Man/Half Machine: Vladimir Putin’s Morning Routine Is As Intense As You’d Expect

And you thought your routine was hectic.

And you thought your routine was hectic.

Start your morning with right hearty helpings of Eggs, Porridge, Beets & Horseradish juice, followed by a brisk 2 hour swim, followed by a weightlifting sesh.

You may not agree with the policies of the Russian President, but what you can agree with is the fact that when it comes to morning routines, Vladimir Putin is an absolute machine.

According to the 2014 profile of the Russian president by Newsweek’s Ben Judah, Putin gets his work done at night and so he doesn’t roll out of bed until mid-morning. After the late start, he eats breakfast around noon, which usually consists of an omelet or a huge bowl of porridge with some quails eggs and cottage cheese. Apparently, as outlined by another writer Steven Lee, Putin also drinks a juice made from beets and horseradish, the ingredients of which are, “dispatched regularly from the farmland estates of the Patriarch Kirill, Russia’s religious leader.” Where else?

Following breakfast and a coffee, Putin then goes for a two hour swim and rounds this off with some serious weight-lifting, the aim of which is likely intended to continue his masculine public image.

President Putin’s passion for exercise definitely differs from U.S. President Donald Trump’s belief that the human body is like a battery with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depletes.

In his three year research on Putin for the book ‘Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell in and Out of Love with Vladimir Putin’, Myers says:

        His closest companion seemed to be his black Labrador, Koni, who waited poolside as he completed his laps.

I don’t think horseradish juice would sit well with me before a two hour swim AND a gym sesh which I’m sure is also intense as f*ck, but that’s why President Putin is not your typical human being.

Nothing but interesting details coming from someone who might secretly be the richest man in the world.

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