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How To Get Into The First Class Lounge Without A First Class Ticket!

Everyone can use this to get in.

Blick in der Barbereich der Lufthansa First Class Lounge./view into the bar area of the Lufthansa First Class Lounge.
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Ever dream of being in first class on your next airplane adventure? Well this airline has granted that wish. No more listening to babies crying or being squeezed in between two strangers. Although, as always there is a catch to this dream.

The airline Emirates has decided to grant open access to their first class lounges and business lounges, no matter what ticket is purchased. This privilege is only available to members of the Emirates Skywards loyalty program. Now does the price balance out in the end? That’s up to the customer. The lounge is luxurious looking indeed, but is it worth the extra cash? Then, already existing members who happen to have enough points to get in free, there still might be an entry fee.


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Here is some of the numbers to help make the decision easier:
New card + £82 = 4 hours in the business lounge
New Card + £164 = 4 hours in the First class lounge
Sliver or Gold status = free access to the business lounge
Sliver or Gold Status + £82 = access to the first class lounge

You can obtain Sliver or Gold status with 25,000 to 50,000 points on your membership. Plus Sliver or Gold status member can bring a guest with them into any lounge for the same amount as an entry-level member. That amount of money does not seem too bad to me. If the customer has the extra cash lying around why not spend it and enjoy all the free food and drinks in the lounge. Make it worth it and stay in the lounge for the amount you paid for, try to buy it for long flights.

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