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This is the World’s Most Expensive Pizza

If money was no object.

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We all love pizza and have to sometimes indulge ourselves…£10, maybe £20, but would  YOU pay $2000 for a pizza?

Yep, you heard it right. This pizza costs $2000, making it the most expensive pizza in the world. So if you head over to Industry Kitchen in New York City, take a seat, relax, and spend your entire live savings on a pizza. Or, if you’re trying to cut down on the spendings, just have one slice for £200. Bargain!


I’m a dangerous man with some money in my pocket ?

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But hey,there are people in this world who apparently can afford to spend such excessive amounts on food. The dish is named the ’24K Pizza’. But what makes it so special? WHY is it so expensive? This pizza is supposedly not like any other.

Each pizza has an extra-special topping…..24-karat flakes of gold. Yep. This pizza is literally covered in solid gold flakes. In addition, the extravagant pizza is topped with expensive foods like caviar, foei gras, stilton cheese, truffles… but the solid gold flakes definitely tops it all off.

The pizza has to be ordered 48 hours in advance so it can be prepared and so that they can ensure they have all the ingredients (how awful it would be to find that they are running low on gold, I HATE it when this happens).

As an alternative, you could just pop into Iceland and get a pizza for £1.25. Your call!

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